July 20, 2016

Friedrichshafen – part 3

by ada

Friedrichshafen 156

Untitled 233

Untitled 271

Untitled 183

Friedrichshafen 1

Friedrichshafen 159

Untitled 210

Friedrichshafen 173

Friedrichshafen 3

Untitled 260

Untitled 274

Friedrichshafen 9

Untitled 238

Friedrichshafen 10

July 19, 2016

Friedrichshafen – part 2

by ada

Friedrichshafen 83

Friedrichshafen 87

Untitled 235

Friedrichshafen 142

Untitled 182

Friedrichshafen 157

Friedrichshafen 76

Untitled 159

Untitled 205

Untitled 35

Friedrichshafen 172

Friedrichshafen 130

Untitled 139

Untitled 152

Untitled 164

July 18, 2016

Friedrichshafen – part 1

by ada

Friedrichshafen 25

Friedrichshafen 43

Friedrichshafen 160

Friedrichshafen 18

Friedrichshafen 116

Friedrichshafen 111

Friedrichshafen 150

July 16, 2016

Bregenz – Pfänder

by ada

Untitled 314

Bregenz 10

Untitled 108

Untitled 323

Untitled 621

Untitled 670

Bregenz 16

Untitled 537

Untitled 358

Untitled 67

Untitled 379

Untitled 589

Untitled 163

Untitled 47

Untitled 419

Untitled 157

Untitled 25

Untitled 76

July 15, 2016

Bregenz – Alpenwildpark Pfänder

by ada

Untitled 753

Untitled 129

Untitled 259

Untitled 736

Untitled 279



Untitled 242


Untitled 619

July 14, 2016

vale, vita brevis, iam non es mea vita

by ada

Esterházy Péter, 1950.04.14 – 2016.07.14

July 14, 2016

a big and wonderfully clever pig

by ada

Untitled 732

Untitled 745

Untitled 754

July 13, 2016

Bregenzer Spaziergänge

by ada

Untitled 255

Bregenz 4

Bregenz 51

Untitled 236

Bregenz 78

ev'rything peaceful, nothing to fear 2

Bregenz 83

Bregenz 69


Bregenz 27

Untitled 230

Gasthaus 1

Untitled 229

Bregenz 10

karl marx 2

Bregenz 76

July 12, 2016

Feldkirch – Schattenburg Museum, part 2

by ada

Angelika Kaufmann 1

Untitled 195 (2)


Schattenburg 34

Untitled 174 (2)

Untitled 245a

Untitled 243

instruments 1

Untitled 236a

Schattenburg 88

Untitled 280a

Dienstbrille 2


Tisis 1

Schattenburg 102

Schattenburg 91

Schattenburg 31

Feldkirch view 4

July 11, 2016

Feldkirch – Schattenburg Museum, part 1

by ada

Untitled 146

Schattenburg 1

Untitled 275a

Schattenburg 21

Untitled 36a

Untitled 173

Schattenburg 95

Schattenburg 60

Untitled 149

Untitled 95

Schattenburg 3

July 8, 2016

a matter of concentration

by ada

Untitled 117

Schattenburg 83

July 7, 2016

Feldkirch – Schattenburg

by ada

Feldkirch 1

Feldkirch Schattenburg 2


Feldkirch 4

Untitled 260

Untitled 137

Untitled 206

Untitled 24 (2)

Untitled 8 (2)

Untitled 32

July 6, 2016

Feldkirch – part 3

by ada




Untitled 133

Untitled 85


Untitled 283

Untitled 342

Untitled 401

Untitled 404

Untitled 227

Untitled 354

Untitled 187


Untitled 367

Untitled 90

July 3, 2016

Feldkirch – part 2

by ada

Untitled 108

Untitled 229

Untitled 50a

Untitled 35

Untitled 394

Untitled 33

Untitled 221

Untitled 249

Untitled 458

Untitled 100

Untitled 263

Untitled 18

Untitled 242

Untitled 199

Untitled 427

July 2, 2016

Feldkirch – part 1

by ada

Untitled 14

Untitled 370

Untitled 240

Untitled 114

Untitled 330

Untitled 348

Untitled 106

Untitled 179

Untitled 74

Untitled 163

Untitled 15

Untitled 77

June 29, 2016

conversations with my coworkers – part 9

by ada

coworker: – Phew, it’s hot today! Are you gonna jump into your pool after work?

me: – Such a nice idea! Unfortunately I don’t have a pool, but good for you!

(five minutes later):

coworker: – Oh, it’s soooo hot today! You too should jump into your pool at home!

me: – Well, I actually do not have a pool at home.

(an hour later):

coworker: – I can’t bear with this heat anymore! I can’t wait to jump into the pool after work. You should totally do the same!

me: – I am a white trash immigrant. I grew up in poverty in Eastern Europe. I am now living in the house of horror the deepest hole of Austro-Balkan hell a service apartment of exactly 20 quadratmetres. I do NOT have a pool.

(at the end of our shift):

coworker: – And now we can finally go home and jump into the pool! Aren’t you happy to have a pool on a day like this? Go and jump into it as soon as you’re at home!

me:  – Yeah. That’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

(I spent my whole life, which is longer than I’d care to admit, in the belief that in order to take part in a conversation, it is necessary to listen to the others. Turns out I was completely wrong.)

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June 23, 2016

Feldkirch hearts

by ada

Untitled 192

Untitled 127

Untitled 58

Untitled 154

June 19, 2016

things that make me happy

by ada

Just to keep record of some of the things that otherwise would be forgotten would I hold onto chronology too strictly; things that made my life better even if only for one short moment.

One of those things was eating cherries…

cherries 3

…especially twin cherries:

twin cherries 1

My bike, Priscilla. I bought her from a Portuguese girl who has since moved back home; and decided to keep the name she gave it (I am the queen of second third fourth tenth hand bikes):

Priscilla 1

That my bike has “happy” written on it…

happy 2

…and that she is not the only happy bike out there:

choose to be happy 1

Things I find in my bed after Milo naps in it (a half meter long plastic toy tram, a ladle, and the naked leg of a Barbie doll, just to name a few):

lego figures 1

My new pink Adidas ballerinas (the only piece of pink clothing I’ve ever owned, I’m fairly sure). I got them at the mall called Mercury Centrum in České Budějovice:

pink shoes 1

This mosaic. It reminds me of Wien:

mosaic Linz 1

Cats on walls…

Bad Isch cats 1

…on doormats…

doormat cat 2

…and in my work email:

email cats

Deer on my new hoodie:


The new Mma Ramotswe book:

the woman who walked in sunshine 7

All the three and a half days of summer we’ve got this year (so far)…

Linz summer 11

…which I used for going on bike rides…

summer 1

…and taking cable cars:

Grünberg 3

This cheese I found at Merkur. It is so good (and it reminds me of last summer):

Bregenzerwaelder Camembert 4

That, after 5 months on raw food (and junk food), I can now finally cook again:

my kitchen 7

That my room smells like elderflower:

elderflower tea 1

Móricka’s new manifesto: When I grow up, I will be Ada and I will take the train to places very very far and I will buy all the presents. (I feel like I’m turning into the American Auntie Rich Relative From The Other Side Of The Iron Curtain, a phenomenon I so badly envied from the neighbourhood kids while growing up in Socialist Hungary):


Those 30.863 voters who turned over the elections (Obviously, I am not allowed to vote in Austria. But I still have my opinions about my pampered, twenty-years old coworkers with their houses and swimming pools, who all voted right radical because of “young blood” and “dahoam”):

Van Der Bellen 1

That I’m moving out of this house (the neighbours! Give me a lonesome island!)…


…because I’m finally, finally leaving Linz. Not a day too early. My time here had so much in common with my last few Dutch months. The city that I failed to click with. The social isolation. The terrible weather (it was snowing yesterday! On the 18th of June!). The frustrating living conditions (the neighbours! Did I mention my neighbours!). The feeling that I’m stuck and that it’s not my fault. The general unhappiness this unfortunate combination brought on me. Truly, it were some miserable eight months. But it’s almost over now!

Linz 3

June 12, 2016

the place where Liechtenstein meets Switzerland

by ada

Of all places of the world, Liechtenstein is the one I never gave any thought before my surprisingly adventurous last summer. People like me* usually have nothing to do with the tax paradise of Europe, and there is a reason for it, haha.**

* people coming from Eastern-European countries and living on nurses’ salaries

** there was that awkward moment, when I got confronted with the price of one single scoop of Liechtensteinian ice cream; it’s the equivalent of 4 euros in CHF. It made me immediately realise that despite having come a long way since my Socialist childhood, I’m still very, very far from blending in

Anyway. If you all of a sudden, under whatever circumstances, find yourself in Vaduz, as it happened to me simply by becoming a travel nurse, you really should take the time to visit the last remaining wooden bridge over the  river Alpenrhein.

You may take the bus there, because public traffic in Liechtenstein is excellent…

Liechtenstein Bus 2

…except when it’s not. Because it’s early in the morning. Or late in the afternoon. Or it is Saturday. Or Sunday. Or any other holiday.

Alte Rheinbruecke Vaduz Sevelen 11

Fortunately, everything is in walking distance in Vaduz, so if you are too impatient to wait a whole hour for the next bus, just take the road and walk along some poetic scenario…

Vaduz Castle 1

…and a colourful industrial area…

Vaduz 1

…until you reach the Alpenrhein…

Alter Rhein 5

…and your destination, the Alte Rheinbrücke.

Alte Rheinbruecke Vaduz Sevelen 45

It is 135 meter long…

Alte Rheinbruecke Vaduz Sevelen 43

…and is made completely of wood.

Alte Rheinbruecke Vaduz Sevelen 6

The original bridge was built in 1871. During the following 140 years it needed to be adjusted to the actual water capacity of the river several times.

Alte Rheinbruecke Vaduz Sevelen 38

The last renovation took place in 2010. There is a small memorial plaque hanging inside of the bridge to one of construction workers, the carpenter Andreas Maier-Toth, who recently passed away. Similar to the half of this planet’s population, he too had Hungarian roots.

Andreas Maier-Toth 1

Now walk over the bridge together with other creepy shadows fellow tourists.

Alte Rheinbruecke Vaduz Sevelen 2

Once safely arrived in Switzerland…


…consider your possibilities.

Sevelen 2

You can either look over to Vaduz castle (remember, it’s full of living princes waiting for you to marry all of them)…

Vaduz Castle 7

…or admire the Swiss flora…

Alter Rhein 1

…and fauna.

Alte Rheinbruecke Vaduz Sevelen 10

Or you can just take a lazy bike ride along the river.

Sevelen 15

This is also the place where, after a long, exhausting but fruitful career as a Swiss investment banker, you can finally retire and live for your hobbies.

Sevelen 4

June 7, 2016

on the road

by ada

Untitled 34

Untitled 39

Untitled 47

Untitled 43

Untitled 55

June 1, 2016

Antonio Vivaldi: Aria “Sol da te mio dolce amore” from the opera “Orlando furioso” RV 728

by ada

I’m thinking about picking up my flute again a lot lately – is there a chance that it would make me as happy as it did before I made music to my profession and it made me seriously ill? I really can’t tell.

Of course music wasn’t the cause of the outbreak of my clinical depression. But right then, as it was happening to me, it really felt that way.

I haven’t played in four and a half years. That’s a long time. This piece would be a good place to start over.

May 20, 2016

conversations with my coworkers – part 8

by ada

At my current workplace I don’t really get a lot of opportunities to make mindful conversations with my coworkers (they prefer not to talk to me), but on the rare occasions they forget about the main policy* of the Austrian working and lower middle class**, there are chances our small talk session turns out to be quite memorable.

* Don’t Talk To Strangers! They Are Evil, Stupid And Dangerous!

**and, most likely, the aristocracy. (Un)fortunately, I have exactly zero experience with Austrian nobility, so I can’t really tell about this one


coworker: – Are you the only child of your parents?

me: – I have a sister.

coworker: – Does she have children?

me: – She has two sons.

coworker: – Well, it’s your turn now!

me: – ???

coworker: – Go on! Start to have babies!

me: – ???!!!

coworker: – Your sister has already made it. Now it’s your turn.

me: – Why should I copy every decision of my sister? What if she jumps out of the window? Should I jump too?


coworker: (shows embarrassing lack of knowledge about world history)

me: – Don’t you learn this stuff in school?

coworker: – No, we only learn about Austrian history.

me (incredulously): – What’s about the Soviet Union? The American Civil War? The French Revolution?

coworker: – We only learn about Austria.

me:  – That can’t be true. Please tell me it isn’t.

coworker (trying hard to come up with something): – Hitler got mentioned though.

me: – That’s reassuring.

(Hitler was born in Austria. Maybe that’s how he made it into the curriculum.)


coworker: – There is a good ice cream parlour in Grein.

me: – Oh, Grein, isn’t it that place with that historical theatre?

coworker: – I don’t know. I only go to Grein to get ice cream.

me: – It’s the oldest theater in Austria still in use…

coworker: – You can also have schnitzel with fries…

me: – …it’s more than two hundred years old…

coworker: – …and tafelspitz…

me: – …and is completely preserved in its original state…

coworker: – …quite expensive though…

me: – …prisoners were also allowed to visit it…

coworker: – …but you get a lot of food for your money, so it’s a good deal.

me: – …and you could even watch the performance while sitting on the toilet!

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May 14, 2016

Dornbirn – Karren

by ada

Seilbahn Karren

Karren 25

Karrenseilbahn 15

Karren 21

Karren 49

Karren 107

Untitled 159

Bodensee 2

Bergstation Karren 21

Bergstation Karren 9


Untitled 21

Karren 16

Untitled 95

Karren 31

May 1, 2016

Dornbirn – inatura, part 2

by ada

Dornbirn inatura 8

Dornbirn inatura 2

Dornbirn inatura 145

snapping alligator 1

Dornbirn inatura 132

Dornbirn inatura 228

Dornbirn inatura 215

Dornbirn inatura 117

Dornbirn inatura 123

Dornbirn inatura 50

crawling bug 4

Dornbirn inatura 137

inatura Dornbirn 27

Dornbirn inatura 152

Dornbirn inatura 164


Dornbirn inatura 185

Dornbirn inatura 32

Dornbirn inatura 158

Ahmeek the Beaver 1

Dornbirn inatura 74

Dornbirn inatura 23

Dornbirn inatura 174

Dornbirn inatura 67

Dornbirn inatura 219

Dornbirn inatura 92

Dornbirn inatura 96

Untitled 36

April 2, 2016

a matter of concentration

by ada

Dornbirn inatura 114

Dornbirn inatura 126

March 26, 2016

Dornbirn – inatura, part 1

by ada

Untitled 107

Untitled 61

Untitled 25

Untitled 79

inatura Dornbirn 21

Untitled 74

Untitled 37m

Untitled 40a

inatura Dornbirn 23

Das Wunder Mensch Dornbirn inatura 6

Das Wunder Mensch Dornbirn inatura 10

March 19, 2016

conversations with random people about being Hungarian

by ada

Part 1.

my family doctor: – Where are you from?

me: – Hungary.

mfd: – But you don’t look Hungarian at all!

(There is no such thing as “Hungarian looks”. We don’t have a national stereotype.)

(Okay, so maybe we do.)

Part 2.

my boss: – Do you know X.Y.?

me: – No.

my boss:  – That’s not possible! He is also from Budapest!

(Budapest’s population is over two million. Shame on me for not being acquainted with every single member of it.)

Part 3. 

my coworker: – Do all Hungarians have blue eyes?

me: – ???

coworker: – The Hungarian doctor has blue eyes.

me: – Oh yeah?

coworker: – You also have blue eyes. So all the Hungarians I know have blue eyes.

(Well, that’s exactly two Hungarians out of the ten million. And my eyes are green but whatever.)

Part 4. 

the same coworker: – You shouldn’t be in contact with other Hungarians.

me: – ???

coworker: – You should use your time while living in other countries to embrace other cultures.

(I’m living in other cultures since thirteen years. I have already embraced everything that is to embrace. At one point of my life I even owned a dirndl.)

Part 5.

Austrian doctor: – Where did you go to nursing school?

me: – I went to some school in Hungary.

Austrian doctor: – I thought you were from Austria!

patient 1: – I thought you were from Switzerland!

patient 2: – I thought you were Czech!

March 14, 2016

stranger in a strange land

by ada

People who talk to me at work:

  • the cleaning lady from Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • the cleaning lady from Macedonia
  • the kitchen helper from Tibet
  • the nursing assistant from Congo
  • the nursing assistant from Turkey (although she’s no longer there)
  • the nurse anaesthetist from the Czech Republic (she’s on a sick leave since months)
  • the OR nurse from the Czech Republic
  • the OR nurse from Romania
  • the Polish doctor

People who don’t talk to me at work:

  • the remaining 9 Austrian cleaning ladies
  • the remaining 53 Austrian nurses
  • the remaining 25 Austrian doctors

I might open a new subcategory betitled “conversations that never happened”.

March 12, 2016

Dornbirn – part 2

by ada

Dornbirn 61

Dornbirn 46

Dornbirn 8

Dornbirn 147

Dornbirn 72

Dornbirn 164

Dornbirn 183

Dornbirn 130

Dornbirn 157

Dornbirn 28

Dornbirn 54

Dornbirn 74

Dornbirn 170

March 12, 2016

Dornbirn – part 1

by ada

Dornbirn 11

Dornbirn 203

Dornbirn 81

Dornbirn 51

Dornbirn 44

Dornbirn 48

Dornbirn 33

Dornbirn 140

Dornbirn 100

Dornbirn 121

Dornbirn 19

Dornbirn 101

Dornbirn 125

Dornbirn 85

Dornbirn 76

Dornbirn 135

Dornbirn 68

Dornbirn 142

Dornbirn 153

Dornbirn 155

Dornbirn 132

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