March 4, 2015

Mineralium Wien

by ada


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March 1, 2015


by ada


March 1, 2015

February recap

by ada

I spent the biggest part of February with being sick with different versions of the flu. After being in denial for weeks about my inability to cope with it while working 12 hours a day, it escalated into a sick leave and taking antibiotics.

meds 2

Milo turned two, which we celebrated with a ladybird cake:

Milo bday

I completed my first month on the cardiology ICU as part of the CPR team. The transition from a Hungarian ICU to an Austrian one is tough, and it isn’t going as smooth as I’ve expected. So I went and listened to some lectures at the Wiener Intensivmedizinische Tage to make myself feel better about my own choices:

WIT 2015

I also took some walks with the same purpose…

Untitled 5

…and finally started to feel at home in Vienna. I do still miss Salzburg, though.

Untitled 6

After a more than ten years long hiatus, I revisited the Jewish Museum.

Untitled 78

I spent another few days at home in Budapest and bought two mini skateboards for Milo and Móricka, which they decided to use in a rather unconventional way:

Untitled 11

I saw the first snowdrops of 2015:

Untitled 5

Finally, on the last day of February I went to see pretty sparkly stones minerals and fossils at the Spring Fair of the Mineralium Wien:


February 27, 2015

the impossibility of February

by ada

I may reevaluate my 2015 reading goals to prevent failure. My new goal shall be: one book per month. Bonus point if it’s more and/or it isn’t a detective story.

February readings 1

February 27, 2015

life has loveliness to sell

by ada

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February 26, 2015

M&M&The Cat

by ada

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February 24, 2015

Kosher for… Essen und Tradition im Judentum

by ada

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Untitled 154


February 23, 2015

Wien – Jüdisches Museum

by ada

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February 22, 2015

Wien – Augustinerkirche

by ada

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February 21, 2015

Wien – Stadtpark

by ada

Stadtpark 17

Stadtpark 3

Strauss 1

Stadtpark 12

Stadtpark 9

Stadtpark 7

Stadtpark 13

Wien ground

Stadtpark 14

Stadtpark 2

February 20, 2015

Wien – Donaukanal

by ada

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February 20, 2015

this town is a love-you town

by ada

herzlich 1

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Untitled 8

Untitled 99

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Untitled 87

suedturm 1


Untitled 44

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Untitled 52

Prater graffiti 2

Praterstern 3

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Wien ground 2

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Untitled 43

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February 10, 2015

Wien – the ground beneath my feet (edition in blue)

by ada

Untitled 53

ground Leopoldstadt 1



Untitled 29

February 8, 2015

January recap

by ada

In January I…

…travelled back to Vienna after Christmas break,

Wien Hauptbahnhof

…still had (umm, still have) Christmas decoration up,

Untitled 67

…was exhausted most of the time, and spent the majority of my days off at home, wearing knitted cat slippers (because in my heart I’m still three and a half years old),

cat slippers

…ate lots of red and orange food (and lots of junk food too, which is not pictured here because I am pretentious),

red food

…bought fresh flowers for the first time in like, two years (my life is clearly not the same instagram-worthy bliss of twee perfection everyone else seems to experience lately),

tulips 1

…took (a very few) walks in my neighbourhood,

Untitled 16

…photographed some butterflies (living ones, this time),

Wien Schmetterlingshaus 6

…got this pear from my patient, an elderly Bosnian lady. She assured me that I can safely eat it, because “it’s halal”. I have a deep respect for people who are committed to a certain way of life because of their faith. Maybe because the only thing concerning religion I really believe in is that it does not matter at all.


…completed my two months long rotation on the cardiology ward and started my next rotation period of code duty, on the ICU,


…climbed all the 343 stairs to the top of the Stephansdom. This experience made me recognise the sad fact, that the last time I was fit for life, was the day I gave up getting tennis lessons five times a week (at the age of seventeen. A long, long time ago it was, a dreary time it is),


…and looked over the freshly renovated roofs of the Stephanskirche Vienna.

Untitled 103

February 6, 2015

Janus am I; oldest of potentates

by ada

My only January accomplishment. At least it was good. And how good it was!


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