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January 26, 2012


by ada

Roger Scruton‘s lecture on Music, Meaning and Morality at Central European University. I always try very hard not to be overly critical with non-musicians speaking about music; I think they should be appreciated if they have enough courage to set their foot on My Own Sacred Territory, The Holy Land Of Music, without having any strong background of knowledge to rely on. But somehow it always turns out the same way. They all speak a lot but they say nothing. Which is maybe not that terrible if you are also a non-musician, because it’s just about opinions then and nothing more. But I do love facts and I do know a lot of them when it comes to music. For me, listening to indefinite statements and foggy ideas based entirely on personal views is really exhausting. I always feel like I wanna cry out loud things like “But it’s not true! As Sebastian Virdung mentioned as early as 1511 in his book Musica getutscht und ausgezogen on page 36 third line fourth word left above…”  Fortunately, I’m a shy girl so I never cry out loud about anything. And – at least most of the time – I’m quite grateful for being shy.

So this lecture made me rather disappointed and a bit sad. But he was nice, though.

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