by ada

A Gipsy violinist, playing Hatikvah at the corner of a shopping center. I made a lot of music on the streets to earn my living during the summer holidays, but it’s -3°C cold now. It’s a hard fate to be a musician. You give your youth for practising, you work hard and learn a lot, and when you finish your studies you have to find out that, in fact, nobody needs your knowledge and talent. It is so sad. I sometimes wish I knew this before.

P.S.: I had his permission for taking the photo but I didn’t asked him about putting it on the internet, so you have to be happy with only his left hand and his violin.

2 Comments to “365/29”

  1. We should re-write Tennyson’s “Hollow men”. “We are the content providers. We work for nothing.” Yes, it is hard and mostly thankless work in the creative realm. An extremely select few make a good living. A few others become millionaires and a few others, billionaires but in that work, you don’t find much soul. You find formula.

    I am sure this musician would be happy for you to promote and expose him on the internet. You are not profiting from him. Or not sharing if you were. Show his face. Sing his praises. I’m sure he would be happy.

    Nice composition on the cropping, though. Very nice.

    • Yes, that’s the sad truth: the world only needs a limited amount of poets, painters, Shakespearian actors and baroque traverso players. And the market is already crowded enough without thousands of musicians graduating every year. And in the cruel world of early music where there are twenty-five flutists for one church project, one needs more social skills than talent.

      About the violinist: I don’t know him personally and haven’t seen him before, but if I see him next time, I can ask him for his permission. Anyway, if he wants to build his future career on my ability of becoming an internet celebrity, he already lost this game… :DDD

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