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February 8, 2012


by ada

Traditional Hungarian homemade butchery, received today from my aunt from North Hungary. I do love traditional Hungarian food and celebrate every science article that gives objective evidence of saturated animal fat being not that bad for us at all as we usually think. Our national kitchen was claimed to be delicious but terribly unhealthy for decades, because of our fanatic love for lard and goose fat, but now it starts being proven that we were right through all those thousand years. I’m all for science and science is all for saturated animal fat nowadays.

No offense for vegetarians, though. I’m aware of the fact that there are alternatives for everybody to chose, and science is not always the main factor when it comes to establishing eating habits. For me science is important, it helps me getting my depression and my lactose intolerance under control, but actually, I really, really love to eat the Hungarian way.

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