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February 11, 2012


by ada

The Cat suffers from massive and stable separation angst since the birth of Móricka, whom she genuinly hates. Luckily Móricka isn’t interested in her at all (actually, he is only interested in eating and being carried the whole day). Maybe in a few months we will have a cat without tail and a child without eyes, but for the moment they just ignore each other and peace reigns upon us.

So The Cat sticks to me like a fridge magnet all the time, because her hurt little soul needs constant attention. Wherever I go, she comes with, whatever I do, she takes part. It’s like having a small, black, rather annoying shadow, but I like to have her around. Today she helped me decluttering my bureau (yes, that’s how a desk looks after four months of depression). As you see from the photo, she is very enthusiastic about the whole process.  She clearly is a master of Getting Things Done. Exactly like me.


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