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February 13, 2012


by ada

Due to the extremely cold weather for the past two weeks, the Danube started to freeze over. The last time it was completely covered with ice so that people could walk on it, was in 1982, thirty years ago. I really do hope it won’t happen this winter; I don’t want our selfmade Glorious King and National Hero of Orbán Viktor to get the idea of having a coronation party on the frozen ice as did our great king Mátyás in 1458 (he was actually the last Hungarian politician who managed to keep up with Europe). Making a big theatrical scene and accepting the admiration of the manipulated plebs while thinking himself as big as Mátyás but much cooler, is exactly his thing. And, I am sad to admit, this is also what the biggest part of the Hungarian population would appreciate. Why can’t we behave normal, I really wonder.


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