by ada

Due to the extremely cold weather for the past two weeks, the Danube started to freeze over. The last time it was completely covered with ice so that people could walk on it, was in 1982, thirty years ago. I really do hope it won’t happen this winter; I don’t want our selfmade Glorious King and National Hero of Orbán Viktor to get the idea of having a coronation party on the frozen ice as did our great king Mátyás in 1458 (he was actually the last Hungarian politician who managed to keep up with Europe). Making a big theatrical scene and accepting the admiration of the manipulated plebs while thinking himself as big as Mátyás but much cooler, is exactly his thing. And, I am sad to admit, this is also what the biggest part of the Hungarian population would appreciate. Why can’t we behave normal, I really wonder.


6 Comments to “365/44”

  1. The ice looks very churned over – how deep is it do you think?

    It sounds from everything you have written that you care about the people – the ones who just want to live.

    That is a big weight to carry. Are you going to take action?

    • It doesn’t cover the whole Danube, only in patches, but it is already thick enough to hold the people that walk on it. Maybe 15 cm? I don’t know. I will do a post with ice photos later.

      I think O.V. is the worst that could happen to Hungary, because instead of looking forward he just feeds the feelings that already caused us so much trouble in the past. He manipulates people, which is normal for politicians, but he does it in a very disgusting and hypocrite way. And instead of making the necessary compromises for our economy, he just goes on about how we don’t need anybody else, how we are much more precious than every other nation and how all the other countries are
      ill-wishers of us. I think it is not the right way in the 21. century and as a member of the EU. And what he tells is simply not true. He has this mania of his, that we “make history”, but I think he should learn from the mistakes and failures of our past 500 years, instead of replicating them and selling them as new ideas. We had enough history already and what we need is future.

      Sorry, but I always get really furious about him. But I don’t know what we could do actually. A few years ago, during the last socialist government, the sympathizers of O.V. made a big theatre what they called “revolution”. They set autos and our TV-building on fire and were vandalising over the streets for days. I don’t think such manners are acceptable. The only way to make changes are the elections in three years.

      • I looked up Viktor Orban in Wikipedia and it says “In 1990 he became a member of the Hungarian parliament. Three years later, he became leader of Fidesz. In 1994, he transformed it from a social-liberal party (Fidesz was a member of Liberal International) into a right-wing conservative party after the collapse of the national right.”

        Do you agree that he transformed the party into a right-wing party? (I know nothing about Hungarian politics)

        • He started out as a modern, liberal politician who criticised the first right-wing conservative government after the revolution in 1989, because of their love for religion. Now he and the Fidesz is the most conservative right-wing party in Hungary, and he wants all the people to be Christian, because “Hungary is the land of Holy Maria”. He uses sentences like “God wants us to do so” and he acts as he would be the Holy Savior of Hungary. It is disgusting. And he makes so much trouble for the simple people with his hipocrite ideas, really.

  2. I am not sure the word ‘normal’ fits into the Magyar psyche. And even if it does, it probably doesn’t translate well. Let’s hope the river doesn’t freeze over. Rivers are meant to flow.

    • Actually the Danube would be nice if covered fully with ice, but it’s better to give no room for temptation. I doubt if he is strong enough to resist the idea.

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