by ada

Valentine’s Day never really found its way into the Hungarian culture, nor did Halloween. I’m sure there are a lot of people celebrating them, mostly teenagers or young adults, but it never became truely ours. Today I tried to find some signs on the streets to prove the world that we know and celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t succeed. I even visited our most tourist-beladen street, Váci utca to look for some big red heart-shaped balloons or something adequate for this day, but the only big red heart I found was a decoration in the shopwindow of Intimissimi. And I clearly should draw the line somewhere, so I won’t start posting pictures of lower bodies made of plastic and wearing sexy thongs, even if it’s the only way to prove the presence of Valentine’s Day in the Hungarian culture; so instead of big red heart-shaped balloons I offer you a photo of our Liberty-bridge (called Szabadság-híd) by night. Take it as the declaration of my love for my city.

2 Comments to “365/45”

  1. Great photo. There were some street vendors out selling flowers today. I had to think for a moment…”What’s up with this? Oh yea, Valentine’s Day.”

    • Really? I didn’t meet them. But I did see a lot more men holding flowers wrapped in paper than usually. There is an amount of people who celebrate this day, but it is not that common here as it is in the USA. Our family for example never celebrated neither Valentine’s Day nor Halloween.

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