by ada

I spent the whole day visiting ministries and getting documents copied, translated, verified, validated and stamped. With every paper rises the immidiate need for three more obligatory papers my existence is problematic without. I started this whole process one month ago and I still don’t even dare to dream of starting to work. The day Hungarian Bureaucracy causes my tragical, way too early death, is near.


4 Comments to “365/54”

  1. You can’t let bureaucracy win such a battle. Coffee?

    • I’m sure they do this on the purpose.of complicating my life. Coffee is the only thing that still keeps me alive :o)

      • The book cafe on Andrassy is spectacular. I’m sure you know that. I will go there Wednesday morning (Mar 7) at 10 AM. If I see someone come in wearing pajamas I will do my best to help ensure she doesn’t get arrested.

        • There is no danger, I never leave my comfort zone of three square kilometres if wearing pajamas. If I have to cross the Danube, I borrow some appropriate clothes from my sister :DDD Anyway, you made me remembering the day our whole elementary school class went to school wearing pajamas to celebrate 1. April. How time flies.

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