by ada

I spent the whole day with importing my archives from my now full and closed freeblog photoblog, because I like when things are organised and I can easily find everything. Looking at my Holland-photos made me feel very sad. It seems that I totally lost my life through depression. I had a life that I don’t have anymore. At this moment my life just doesn’t exist.I really hope it will change soon. I’m starting to lose hope.

So for today I post a photo from my archives. And sorry for overflowing your mail with this huge amount of three year old posts of mine. Just ignore them. I hope to be ready with the whole import in a few days.

4 Comments to “365/69”

  1. This photo is breathtaking. I wonder if you would mind my using it in my blog? It inspires a poem. I always make certain photographers get credit for their work and can even give you blog address if you like to generate new visitors.

    If you are uncertain, this is fine. I am sure I can find another photo on the net. Thank you.

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