by ada

There are renovations going on at my workplace right now. Today they picked up the floor in front of the nurses’ room, so we couldn’t use the door for two hours and had to climb through the balcony up to the roofs to be able to contact the patients. Every day new adventures. Life is generous to me lately.

As a bonus a depression link, because I started taking 5-HTP a week ago and some results, like having fantastic reality dreams every night, are already showing. During my most terrible times I didn’t dream at all. Since I also couldn’t sleep at all for months despite of being totally exhausted, the lack of dreams was only secondary problem, haha.

Adventures in Depression

2 Comments to “365/178”

  1. 5-htp can really help alleviate the symptoms of depression but be advised that this food supplement have some side effects too. `”.’

    Have a great day! http://www.healthmedicinelab.com“>

    • Welcome! it has way less side effects than SSRI-s, which is the other option for me. Anyway, I didn’t experience any of them but some lively dreams at the beginning when I started to take it. I think I will stick to it so long it helps.

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