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2 Comments to “180”

  1. Hi ada, wonderful photo series! So many great visual and cultural finds.

    And, I’m starting a slight variation on “365” and wonder if you might like to participate.

    on my blog:

    We’ve tried hard to have a lot of images there, but it’s also been a place with many words. We’ve decided to launch a new feature focusing on, as you already know about, the power of images!

    In our version of “365”, it doesn’t have to be every single day, and it doesn’t have to be a self-portrait, but it should be a picture you took today (ish) We’d like to have a handful of people from around the globe participate and we can have a featured section on iRez where you can see today’s snapshot of life on planet earth. So on the days you post something, it’d be one image, and if you can a sentence or two as a caption.

    Since you’re pretty much already doing the project, I’m essentially inviting you to cross post your work on our blog. Of course you’re welcome to post different pix there, but it doesn’t have to be. The same thought provoking work you have here would be just great there.

    What do you think? Any questions?

    Keep up the wonderful work!


  2. Thanks for your comment and invitation! I will definitely check your blog out! Your project seems pretty interesting to me. You plan to have more photos from different bloggers and places around the world in daily posts? That sounds good!

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