by ada

Shopping with a coworker of mine. I’m planning to buy a new camera, because my old (and only) one is falling apart, literally. It has also some lens problems which manifest in the form of dark, ufo-like shadows on the pictures. So, taking photos lately was mainly about finding some dunkle background to hide the ufos in it or cropping the images to cut the ufos out. While both of these processes are quite challenging (you can never know what exactly remains of the picture), they don’t really make photographing more enjoyable.

After reading through hundreds of photography tests and product reviews I became totally unable to take any decisions (taking decisions is no skill of mine, anyway). I don’t want a DSLR, because it’s too big and too expensive for me. Later, maybe, but not now. What I really need at this moment is a compact camera, that has a big zoom, makes good macros, has a normal SD card slot (no micro SD, please), and maybe a good enough battery? I also want to carry it around in my pocket and it shouldn’t cost more than 300 euros (that is the security prize limit, which I actually can’t really afford to reach). Any ideas or suggestions? I know, it’s the low end of photography, but that’s all I have place in my life for right now.

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  1. I don’t have any suggestions for specific cameras, but I wrote a guide some time ago that you might find useful.

    It’s a reminder of the things to be aware of when choosing a camera.

    I hope you find it useful.

    • Thanks for the link! I found it helpful indeed. It cleared some mysteries up for me :o) I’m obviously quite far away from serious photography, but my interest is already awakened. I was thinking about buying a cheap system camera (f.e. Olympus Pen mini), and maybe I also will one day, but at this point of my life I need something that does the main work instead of me. I have wether time nor finances for a serious hobby right now :o( I’m actually quite sure about what I want from a camera I but I didn’t find the one that fits my ideas yet.

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