city of spring

by ada


tourists under a magnolia tree

children playing badminton



bikes at Mirabellpark

guy having a bath at Mirabellgarten



couple resting at Mirabellpark

8 Comments to “city of spring”

  1. So beautiful everywhere! Nice pictures!

  2. It’s funny how someone who is prone to depression has such an uncanny ability to see beauty and photographically capture it so well. Lovely work.

    • Well, I’m not sure that depression really has to do with aesthetics :o) It definitely affects (well, suppresses) the desire for aesthetics or the interest in it but I don’t think that it totally changes the given features/talents of a person. Of course there is a big difference between depression and depression. I’m quite into the biochemistry of it lately and how malnutrition can cause classic depression symptoms, it’s really interesting.

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