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June 13, 2013

collecting elderflowers

by ada

1. Pick a day. Any day. Preferably a day on which you’ve failed at your workplace in every possible ways, your patients were annoying, your coworkers were mean, and, at the end of your shift,  instead of going home and pretending that this day has never happened, you still had to make through an obligatory 60 minutes surgical lecture on how to wash your hands properly.

2. Go on an elderflower-collecting tour.

Untitled 10

3. Walk through poppy fields.

Untitled 11

4. Find wild strawberries…

Untitled 12

5. …and sour apples.

Untitled 3

6. Meet bugs…

Untitled 8

7. …and snails…

Untitled 4

8. …and nice people with whom you share the interest of photographing poppies. Seemingly it’s enough good a reason for them to be nice to you.

9. Find elderflowers.

Untitled 31

10. Get stung from stinging nettle that grows in bushes around elder trees.

Untitled 2

11. Get frustrated and have dark thoughts about the purpose of the universe and/or the misery of your own existence. 

12. Calm down and appreciate the wisdom of Mother Nature who is clever enough to save the blossoming elderflowers from the human race by letting them grow at least 5 meters high and surrounding elder trees with stinging nettle or simply placing them on the other side of deep waters.

Untitled 51

13. Try to pick elderflowers once again. Remember that using stinging nettle for rheumatoid arthritis and gout is a popular naturopathic treatment; and while you don’t suffer from any locomotory disease of inflammatory origin yet, the times, when you will be in the need of considering stinging nettle as your best friend, are  near. Age, with his stealing steps, you know.

Untitled 6

14. Do actually collect them elderflowers.

Untitled 1

15. Walk home through green meadows…

Untitled 13

16. … and poppy fields, once again.

Untitled 7

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