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by ada

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Well, I’m still sort of perplexed now that Google gives up the Reader function which I loved (because I love everything that’s simple and do their job without fussing around). I was postponing the final decision since months; I tried Feedly (works fine but doesn’t really feel like home), The Old Reader (didn’t want to import my feeds properly, why?) and Bloglovin (imports feeds I already unsubscribed of months ago, wtf? Doubles feeds, even that of my own blog, wtf?); and I’m still hesitating. With this post I simply claim my blog for the comfort of my Bloglovin followers (all the three of them, haha).

Update: this post looked so miserable that I decided to decorate it with a totally out of context photo. Sneak peek of Mozartplatz right now (well, 15 minutes ago).

Salzburg Mozartplatz

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