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September 17, 2013


by ada

I have opened up an Instagram account  – it was a sudden decision and I’m not sure if I will stick to it for longer than a week but I give it a try now and we’ll see. I’ve made two rules for myself:

  1. I don’t double post my Instagram photos in this blog
  2. I use Instagram only when I have no camera at hand (I’ve already failed at this but I’ll try to make it good again).

So here it is:

September 17, 2013

the waterfall of Golling (through a wet lens)

by ada

woods 2





old mill at gollinger wasserfall

gollinger wasserfall 10

gollinger wasserfall 5

gollinger wasserfall 1

gollinger wasserfall 3


September 17, 2013

Golling – the cat of the castle

by ada

gollinger cat 4

gollinger cat 2

gollinger cat 3

gollinger cat 1

September 17, 2013


by ada

gollinger street

golling 4

gollinger church

golling castle 3

Golling castle

gollinger castle 6

Golling castle 1

gollinger museum

golling 1

golling 5

gollinger cow

golling 2

gollinger apples

golling nicholaus chapel

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