by ada

I have opened up an Instagram account  – it was a sudden decision and I’m not sure if I will stick to it for longer than a week but I give it a try now and we’ll see. I’ve made two rules for myself:

  1. I don’t double post my Instagram photos in this blog
  2. I use Instagram only when I have no camera at hand (I’ve already failed at this but I’ll try to make it good again).

So here it is:


4 Comments to “Instagram”

  1. I like the cow with its nose so near the camera.

    This is me – take a look…

    • Wow! Good photos you have there! I don’t really get Instagram yet (except of the fact that with its help I’ll be able to take secret photos in museums, haha), I have the feeling it just distracts me even more than I am already distracted by doing so much things at the same time. We will see.

      • Hey, thanks for the compliment… I get inspired by being able to post online so easily and I like that it’s photos only. And I like the comments and ‘luv’ feedback, which helps me understand what people like.

        • I think it’s just an illusion that posting with Instagram is so easy. I don’t have unlimited internet access on my phone so I really have to watch that I don’t go overboard with posting if I don’t want to get horrible bills. This pretty much kills the fun.

          But my main concern is quality. I’m working so hard on getting my photography better, then why go back to this basic Samsung camera phone that produces exclusively blurry images. It’s like a step backwards. But it documents life instantly and that’s something I like.

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