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October 27, 2013

Eisenstadt – Schlosspark Esterházy

by ada

Eisenstadt 7

Eisenstadt 9

Eisenstadt 11

Eisenstadt 5

Eisenstadt 10

Eisenstadt 1

Eisenstadt 12

October 26, 2013


by ada

Sopron 10

Sopron Ursulinenplatz

Sopron Cézár Pince

Sopron 5

Sopron 6

Sopron painted house

Sopron fire tower 1

Sopron 2

Sopron 1

Sopron religious graffiti

Sopron vár

Sopron főbástya

Sopron ruins of the castle

Sopron várfal


Sopron cute house

Sopron 3

Sopron at dusk

October 25, 2013

and death i think is no parenthesis

by ada

tündi 6

tündi 5

tündi 7

tündi 4

tündi 9

tündi 2

tündi 12

tündi 1

tündi 3

tündi 11

tündi 10

October 25, 2013


by ada

Uraj main street 2

Uraj 1

Uraj cat

Uraj 4

Uraj 9

Uraj church

Uraj cemetery 4

Uraj cemetery 1

Uraj 6

Uraj 7

October 25, 2013


by ada

Ózd 7

Ózd 9

Ózd 8

Ózd 6

Ózd 25

Ózd 16

Ózd 11

Ózd 14

Ózd 24

Ózd 13

Ózd 1

Ózd 2

Ózd 5

Ózd 21

Ózd 22

October 24, 2013

Hungarian style dinner

by ada

szalonnasütés 6

szalonnasütés 2

szalonnasütés 5

szalonnasütés 1

szalonnasütés 8

szalonnasütés 7

October 24, 2013

visiting family

by ada

Zsuzsi 1

zsuzsi 6

zsuzsi 3

zsuzsi 7

zsuzsi 5

zsuzsi 13

zsuzsi 4

zsuzsi 10

zsuzsi 11

zsuzsi 8

October 23, 2013

Salzburg – the Trick Fountains of Schloss Hellbrunn

by ada

Wasserspiele 2

Wasserspiele 14

Wasserspiele 18

Wasserspiele 4

Wasserspiele 5

Wasserspiele 6


Wasserspiele 1


Wasserspiele 30

Wasserspiele 31

Wasserspiele 9

Wasserspiele 11

Wasserspiele 10

Wasserspiele 21

Wasserspiele 25

October 23, 2013

Salzburg – Schloss Hellbrunn

by ada

Hellbrunn solar clock

Hellbrunn 12

Hellbrunn unicorn

Hellbrunn 9

Hellbrunn painted walls

Hellbrunn 7

Hellbrunn 1

Hellbrunn 6

Hellbrunn 5

Hellbrunn wall unicorn

Hellbrunn toy soldiers

Hellbrunn window

Hellbrunn 2

October 17, 2013

Salzburg – Mülln

by ada


Mülln guild sign

fall tree Mülln

Augustiner Bräustübl

Salzburg Mülln

autumn in Mülln

Augustinergasse Mülln

wall art Mülln

hic habitat feicitas


October 17, 2013

Salzburg – Monikapforte

by ada

Monikapforte Salzburg 1

Monikapforte Salzburg 6

Monikapforte Salzburg 9

Monikapforte Salzburg 4

Monikapforte Salzburg 2

Monikapforte Salzburg 5

Monikapforte Salzburg 3

Monikapforte Salzburg

October 16, 2013

the place where Germany meets Austria

by ada

One of the most magnificent part of the Austrian-German border is the Untersberg, the pride and proud of the people of Salzburg. Its history is overcrowded with mythical creatures like emperors with ever-growing beards, dwarfs, witches and pretty mountain women who wear only white and like to pick handsome young humans to father them some children.

fog below Untersberg

Untersberg cable car house

Just take the cable car and simply vanish in Nothing.

Untersberg cable car

Untersberg fog 2

Untersberg fog 1

Once safely arrived at the top, try to find your way in the fog without falling down from rocks into invisible depths.

Untersberg fog 9

Untersberg fog 5

Admire the alpine flora and some leftover objects of the human civilisation.


dry grass in fog

pines at Untersberg


Reach the Geiereck (Vulture’s Corner).

Untersberg path in fog

Geiereck cross 2

Look over Austria…

view Austria

…and then Germany.

view Deutschland

Oh well. Maybe you’d better visit this place on a nice and sunny summer day instead of at the beginning of Fog Season, which with its ten months per year is the longest season in Salzburg.

Wait for the sun to come out.

sun over Untesberg

Go over to another peak, the Salzburger Hochtron. Meet (the signs of) fellow travellers, pass memorials for the fallen members of the WW2 Mountain Troops and people who failed at hiking the same trail you’re walking right now.

Untersberg fog 2 (2)

two travellers Untersberg

Leo Japan

Memorial Bergtruppen Untersberg

Do you see the tiny cross at the top? That’s your destination.

traveller Untersberg 2

sign Untersberg

Salzburger Hochtron 2

stairs to Salzburger Hochtron

Now you are at the top pf the world, high above the clouds, where the sky is always blue and the sun always shines.

Untersberg view

Untersberg clouds 3

Untersberg clouds 2

October 12, 2013


by ada



October 11, 2013


by ada


October 11, 2013

two campers in cloud country

by ada

Untersberg fog 8

Untersberg fog 7

Untersberg clouds 1

Untersberg people

Untersberg bank

Sonne auf dem Untersberg

October 9, 2013

how to be an alpine daw

by ada

alpine daw 9

alpine daw

alpine daws 2

alpine daws

alpine daw 12

alpine daw 4

alpine daw flies over Untersberg

alpine daw 6

October 6, 2013

Innsbruck retrospective – the rainy edition

by ada

Inssbruck in the rain

Mozart memorial sign Innsbruck

Innsbruck houses 7

Annasäule Innsbruck

rainy Innsbruck 2

Tiroler Adler

Hofgarten Innsbruck



house near Alpenzoo Innsbruck

fog over the river Inn

view of river Inn and Innsbruck houses

October 6, 2013

Innsbruck retrospective – the sunshine edition

by ada

Innsbruc reflection

Goldenes Dachl Innsbruck

Innsbruck Stadtturm

Innsbruck houses 3

Innsbruck sunshine

Innsbruck houses 1

birds Innsbruck

guild sign Innsbruck

Innsbruck reflection 2

Innsbruck houses 6

Innsbruck flowers

Innsbruck houses 12

October 6, 2013

M&M&The Cat

by ada

Móricka eszik

Milo fogai

The Cat

October 6, 2013

blackbird takes a shower

by ada

blackbird taking shower

October 6, 2013

perhaps the roses really want to grow

by ada

rose 1

rose 2

rose 3

October 5, 2013

variations upon a rainbow

by ada

rainbow 14

rainbow 4

rainbow 2

October 5, 2013

lo, ’tis autumn

by ada

flower Vienna

October 5, 2013


by ada

karlskirche wien

Wien Schwarzenbergplatz Soviet monument

October 4, 2013

Wien – Oberes Belvedere

by ada

Wien Oberes Belvedere 5

Wien Oberes Belvedere 3

Wien Oberes Belvedere 7

Wien Oberes Belvedere 10

October 4, 2013


by ada

houses Mondsee 4

sightseeing train Mondsee

church Mondsee 1

sull in Schloss Mondsee

meadow Mondsee

allee promenade Mondsee

autumn leaves in Mondsee

sea promenade Mondsee 1

seagulls Mondsee


Mondsee bare tree

October 2, 2013

Wien – Stephanskirche

by ada

A frustrating afternoon-trip to Vienna, where I didn’t succeed in getting anything done except these two photos.

Stephansdom Wien 1

Stephansdom Wien 2

October 2, 2013

feelings of the Tyrolese

by ada

Tiroler Edelweiss


Tiroler Tageszeitung

old Tirol newspapers


man reading in a coffehouse in Innsbruck

coffee cup


cheese in Markthalle Innsbruck

Markthalle Innsbruck 2

Markthalle Innsbruck

golden man in Innsbruck


trash bin in Innsbruck

Tiroler Wahlplakate

klangspuren schwaz Innsbruck 2



graffiti Innsbruck 2

Andreas Hofer

October 1, 2013

Innsbruck – Alpenzoo

by ada

Alpenzoo 16

Alpenzoo 17

Alpenzoo 19

Alpenzoo 14

Untitled 28

Untitled 29

Alpenzoo 2

Untitled 30

Alpenzoo 5

Alpenzoo 7

Alpenzoo 8

Alpenzoo 10

Alpenzoo 11

Alpenzoo 15

Alpenzoo 1a

Alpenzoo 6

Alpenzoo 21

Alpenzoo 18

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