Innsbruck retrospective – the rainy edition

by ada

Inssbruck in the rain

Mozart memorial sign Innsbruck

Innsbruck houses 7

Annasäule Innsbruck

rainy Innsbruck 2

Tiroler Adler

Hofgarten Innsbruck



house near Alpenzoo Innsbruck

fog over the river Inn

view of river Inn and Innsbruck houses

6 Comments to “Innsbruck retrospective – the rainy edition”

  1. These are some pretty amazing photos! I’m going to Austria in March, and I just got incredibly excited! Thanks for sharing!

    • Wow, that’s exciting! Do you have already travelling plans on which cities to visit? Don’t miss Salzburg :o)

      • Salzburg is actually where I’ll be! I’m very excited. I’m going with my mom, so we are doing a few cities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. So, it’s going to be a bit more rushed than I would like, but she’s a bit pressed for time. I’ll be referring to your blog a lot for ideas! :) Anything you especially recommend?

        • That will be a nice adventure! It depends on how much time you will spend in Sbg. If you only have one day, just enjoy the city (visit Mirabellgarten, Getreidegasse, Petersfriedhof and take the Festungsbahn up to the Hohenfestung for a panoramaview). Don’t bother with the Mozart museums – only if you are a musician yourself, otherwise they are quite boring :o) If you have more time and into hiking, you should definitely go up the Untersberg with the cable car. There are also many beautiful lakes and small cities around Sbg that are also worth a visit, most of them offers also special attractions (like the salt mines in Hallein or the ice cave in Werfen). You won’t be bored :o)

  2. Beautiful photos! I lived in Austria for 11 months and I loved it!

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