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November 30, 2013

yea, I have looked, and seen November there

by ada

My November list: cat comics, again, this time completely without words; a classic detective story; a disturbing book, with strange, overly philosophical discussions between a donkey and a monkey, related to the Holocaust; some Mozart fiction that pissed me off*; and a children’s book with cute drawings that made me lol in the bookstore while looking for a Santa present** for Móricka.

*  Why on Earth does a person, who is deeply convinced that Mozart! needs!! somebody else!!! to tune a piano, write a book about Mozart? Couldn’t she find a theme she is at least minimally acquainted with? I mean, people, can tune a piano and I’m definitely not Mozart. And what do you think, should I write a fiction book based on some quantum physics theory? I sure have as much knowledge of the behaviour of elementary particles as this woman has of Mozart and his era.

** Fyi, in Hungary Santa has nothing to do with Christmas. They both are totally different businesses, with Santa coming three weeks before Christmas. The Christmas presents are brought by Baby Jesus or, as in my non-Christian family that still celebrates Christmas, by the Baby Angel (because a celestial genderless infant is clearly a much better choice than a divine neonate, yes).

November readings

November 29, 2013

Wien – Christmas market at Maria-Theresien-Platz

by ada

Weichnachtsdorf Wien Maria-Theresien-Platz 3

Weichnachtsdorf Wien Maria-Theresien-Platz 2

Weichnachtsdorf Wien Maria-Theresien-Platz 1

Christmas ornaments at Weichnachtsdorf Wien Maria-Theresien-Platz

Weichnachtsdorf Wien Maria-Theresien-Platz Museumsquartier

Christmas ornaments at Weichnachtsdorf Wien Maria-Theresien-Platz 1

Weichnachtsdorf Wien Maria-Theresien-Platz

Weichnachtsdorf Wien Maria-Theresien-Platz 4

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

November 28, 2013

Wien – Hundertwasserhaus

by ada

Hundertwasserhaus 9


Hundertwasserhaus 11

Hundertwasserhaus 13

Hundertwasserhaus 7

Hundertwasserhaus 6

Hundertwasserhaus 8

November 28, 2013

Wien – Prater abandonned

by ada

Boomerang Prater

some flying device Prater

Vienna Prater 1

clown Prater

Prater Vienna

gentleman at Prater

man holds a teapot at Prater

bear and cards Prater

Geisterbahn Prater

shadow and vulture Prater

drawing at Prater

mushroom house Prater

castle at Prater

painted dragons at Prater

gocarts at Prater

Weihnachtsmark am Prater

dodgems at Prater

horses at Prater Vienna

closed shops at Prater

lights at Prater

snae teeth Prater

Riesenrad Prater


Riesenrad Prater Vienna

November 27, 2013

Wien – autumn walk in Prater

by ada

field Prater

horse sign Prater

fallen leaves Prater

yellow leaves Prater

Lilliputbahn trail Prater

watchtower Prater

November 25, 2013

some more Viennese pre-Christmas tree decorations

by ada

Wiener Christkindlmarkt Rathaus 2

Wiener Christkindlmarkt Rathaus 5

November 23, 2013

before you know, it’s Christmas here

by ada

Wiener Christkindlmarkt Rathaus 4

November 17, 2013

things and places I will miss when I leave Salzburg

by ada

This field, with the view of the Festung. So many adventures of mine started here.


The times when I was living in the same house with Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus Paracelsus von Hohenheim. Or with his ghost. Oh well. At least with his memory.

Paracelsus house

Cemetery art. If I die (and I undoubtedly will) I want to be buried à la Salisburgensis.


The mountains. I’ve never been that lowland-girl. I need my clouds and peaks and high places to feel good.


Leopold Mozart. I really am the last to question the rare genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart but in my opinion the one who did the big job, was his father, Leopold. Music training in the 17-18th century is one of my pet peeve themes (I actually wrote one of my Bachelor theses about teaching children instruments using entirely historical sources already from beginner’s level), and I can’t stress enough the importance of a good teacher. Developing a close relationship with your teacher ist actually unavoidable while learning an instrument and your teacher makes you or breaks you. A good teacher makes you. You get my point. So I love Leopold Mozart way more than I love his son. His son was simply a genius. But Papa Mozart was the man who gave him the opportunity to be one. And that’s the real job, I tell you.

grave of Leopold Mozart

The house blessings and stories painted below the roofline of those pastel-coloured houses.


The dialect which I’m just starting to finally understand.


The Candela shop. Christmas all year round.


This weird little garden by the bike road under the Staatsbrücke, made and cared for by Mister Wolfgang. I have no idea though, who he actually is, but hey, Mr. Wolfgang, thank you!

Mr Wolfgangs Garten Salzburg 2

Kitschy Mozart-souvenirs. I’ve grown to love them during the last one and a half years. (I know. It’s embarrassing. But I don’t care. I feel no shame.)

Mozart souvenirs

Sphaera. He looks like the kind of man a girl could trust and marry.


The guild signs.

Zum fidelen Affen Salzburg 1

People wearing dirndl. Like, all the time. They wear it to church, to the coffee-house, to meet friends, to the Festspiele, just because it’s Sunday (Monday, Tuesday, etc). Dirndl is real, at least here in Salzburg. My Inner Princess, who is usually pretty much suppressed by the jeans-wearing Everyday Me, totally loves it.

dirndl Salzburg

The easy access to grass-fed, organic meat and row dairy.

gollinger cow

The open-air free opera movies or, the Festspiele Of The Poor, which I visited on numerous occasions. I’ve never set foot in the Festspielhaus, though. Those 700 euros tickets are somewhat out of my budget. Ha, ha.


Carillon music. I will really miss hearing those out-of-tune Mozart arias and German folk tunes three times a day.

carillon Salzburg

The roses of Mirabell…

Mirabell rose

…and Pegasus, of course.

Pegasus in Mirabellgarten Salzburg

November 11, 2013

imagine all the teddy bears living life in peace

by ada

Wien peace bears

November 11, 2013

city that does not sleep

by ada

Wien beleuchtetes Stephansdom

Wien Blumengeschäft

Wien Stephansplatz

Wien Julius Meinl

Wien Hotdogstand

November 11, 2013

it’s never too late to have a happy childhood

by ada

Wien Lipizaner

Wien 2

Wien Douglas

Wien clothes

Wien Bücher

Wien bird

Wien Aida

Wien leaves

Wien teddybears

es ist nie zu spät

November 10, 2013

Salzburg – Stolpersteine

by ada

Stolpersteine Salzburg Petersfriedhof

Stolpersteine Salzburg Förtsch and Neunhäuserer

Stolperstein Salzburg Theodor Kurtz 1

Stopersteine Salzburg Children

Stoperstein Salzburg Alfred Schulhof

Stolpersteine Salzburg Judengasse

Stoperstein Salzburg Anna Maria Wahl

Stopersteine Salzburg, Romani Children Schwarzgrabenweg 2

Stolpersteine Salzburg Johann and Marie Haslauer Jehova's Wittnesses

Stolperstein Salzburg Agathe Herzenberger

November 6, 2013


by ada

Szabadság-híd 3

November 2, 2013

where are the songs of spring? ay where are they?

by ada


November 1, 2013

the October game

by ada

My October readings were:

  • The Handmaid’s Tale, because I have a sure hand if it comes to picking books that make me feel uncomfortable
  • cat comics, because I’m into comics lately. No matter what subject they are about as long as they don’t want to share too much verbal information. It seems that I’ve successfully eliminated my need for words. I’m looking forward to enjoy some zoekboeks in November. They contain no letters at all! (and because I’m sure this book was inspired by The Cat, who, though too old and too comfortable to actually do the killing, thinks about it all the time)
  • four more Nancy Drew stories in e-book format, because I’m starting to get the feeling. I’m not quite sure if I like this feeling, though. I mean, this girl Nancy Drew is about one of the most annoying personalities somebody could ever create; and the Zeitgeist of those terrible 1980’s (I know them. I spent my childhood in the 80’s. Most of my issues have their roots in those awkward years), really, I don’t even want to remember. Even if I’m sure that the 80’s in the socialist Hungary with us marching in uniforms and singing the Soviet national anthem in Russian has not much in common with the 80’s in the USA, the land of freedom and infinite possibilities (and serial killers) (and AIDS); the memory of those years still haunts me and makes me actually like the idea of growing older.

October readings

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