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January 31, 2014

January cold desolate

by ada

This photo clearly shows how my time spent with commuting has grown enormously lately. The only way to survive Hungarian public transportation is to block the world completely out. I can’t wait to finally finish my hospital training and be back to biking in livable cities, even if this means a significant decrease in literary joys that enrich my days at 7 am.


January 30, 2014

Budapest – Tropicarium: the shark tunnel

by ada

Tropicarium 4

shark 1 Tropicarium

Tropicarium 23

shark 2 Tropicarium

Tropicarium 2

Tropicarium 17

Tropicarium 5

Tropicarium 21

Tropicarium 11

Tropicarium 19

Tropicarium 10

Tropicarium 16

Tropicarium 9

Tropicarium 15

Tropicarium 8

Tropicarium 18


January 30, 2014

Budapest – Tropicarium

by ada

fish Tropicarium

singing fish Tropicarium

worried fish Tropicarium

fish tail Tropicarium

snake Tropicarium

snake tail Tropicarium

crocodile Tropicarium

silk monkey with big hair Tropicarium

finch Tropicarium


cute blue frog Tropicarium

crab Tropicarium

two blue fish Tropicarium

fish scales Tropicarium

shark Tropicarium

fish 4 Tropicarium

fish 7 Tropicarium

funny fish with dots Tropicarium


white fish Tropicarium

rája Tropicarium

lots of fish Tropicarium

January 29, 2014

winter is icummen in, lhude sing Goddamm

by ada

Last year’s everlasting winter (it was still snowing in April!) made me experience seasonal affective disorder at its worst, which was a major setback on my way of recovery. I happily made my peace with this year’s weather forecast of having no winter at all. While everybody was complaining about the lack of snow, I was rejoicing. Those four days I spent in frosty Moravia before Christmas were more than enough winter wonders for me.

Well, I never was a very lucky person, that’s clear. So hello, snow, here are you again. I really, really do hope you won’t stay till April this time.

snow 2

winter 3

snowy berries


car mirror

winter 1


January 24, 2014

Eni 1951-2013

by ada

Eni 2

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January 19, 2014

music of the week – Anton Diabelli: Grande Sonate Brillante Op. 102

by ada

Okay, so the times are tough and I’m pretty much stressed out, I guess this is the right moment for some Early Romantic salon music which I usually have no heart for, but let’s go the easy way today. A duo for guitar and fortepiano by Anton Diabelli, native of Mattsee, former student of Michael Haydn, virtuoso guitar player and famous music publisher. I guess I should mention Beethoven and his Diabelli variations here but I’m really not in the mood for all those heavy emotions Beethoven tries to push on his poor audience so let’s skip it and stick to Diabelli’s prettily empty tunes.

Living in Hungary really wears me out. I think I have culture dependent depression.

January 13, 2014

Formerly Communist Love Sonnet

by ada


játszani is engedd

Olympic Bear Moscow 1

Soviet star


Soviet flag




Memento Park

January 13, 2014

Budapest – Memento Park

by ada

Memento Soviet Hungarian friendship 2

Memento Park 50

Memento Park 48

Memento Park 59

Memento Park 41

Memento 56


Memento Soviet soldier

Memento Park 30

Stalin's boots

Memento Park Lenin 1

Memento Park 44

Memento Park 39

Memento Park 10

January 8, 2014

the best poem I can write at the moment

by ada




should be good

January 6, 2014

music of the week – Carl Heinrich Biber: Concerto a quattro per la chiesa

by ada

Altough I no longer live in Salzburg, I decided to carry on with the Salzburg Series, because I don’t like things unfinished. There are really not that many Baroque composers that have anything to do with Salzburg and have some surviving works, so it’s a real shame it took 18 months for me to cover only 8 of them. I’ll try to speed up and finish this project because I have already my next one in mind.

So for today I picked Carl Heinrich Biber, the sixth and most talented son of Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber von Bibern. There is not much to know about him except that he lived, worked and died in Salzburg and loved to compose for those excellent and virtuoso trombone players of the Salzburg court orchestra like Thomas Gschladt (although I know of no written evidence of them having been in contact, but hey, Salzburg is and were always the provinces a small town where everybody is the cousin of everybody, even in our most recent days, haha).

From all the four pieces of his work YouTube offers I chose Concerto a quattro per la chiesa for strings. It’s a disturbing piece of music which The Cat very much dislikes – I hope at least some of you appreciate Carl Heinrich’s courage of using dissonances so freely in a harmony worshiping era.

PS.: Okay, so it’s not allowed to embed this video, so go over there for it.

January 4, 2014

one must have a mind of winter

by ada


The Cat Christmas

Orchidea 2

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