Budapest – Vajdahunyad vára

by ada

Budapest 2

Vajdahunyad vára 2

Vajdahunyad vára 25

Vajdahunyad vára 4

Vajdahunyad vára 6

Vajdahunyad vára 5

Vajdahunyad vára 15

Vajdahunyad vára 12

Vajdahunyad vára 13

Vajdahunyad vára 3

Vajdahunyad vára 1

Vajdahunyad vára 16

Vajdahunyad vára 21


4 Comments to “Budapest – Vajdahunyad vára”

  1. nice reflection on the water

  2. Oh my! I’m missing Budapest and especially Varosliget so much! But May will come, and I will be back!

    • We have an early spring so everything is just about to bloom right now, it’s really beautiful :o) Greetings to the Flemish spring – I miss the baby lambs,the ducklings and the daffodils so much. We can trade places :o)

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