by ada

Veszprém view 5

Veszprém 43

Veszprém 44

Veszprém 15

Veszprém 16

Veszprém 1

Veszprém 37

Veszprém 10

Veszprém 38


Veszprém 46

Veszprém 39

Veszprém 11

Veszprém 17

Veszprém church 2

Veszprém 22

Veszprém 31

4 Comments to “Veszprém”

  1. What is the view beyond the statue in the last photo?

    • A panorama view on the city and the rocks of St. Benedict. I’ll make a post about it soon,

      • I’ll look forward to it.

        I guess I am interested to know whether what you have shown here is, for example, a preserved jewel set in an industrial town or whether the rest of the town is kind of like this too?

        It’s very appealing, by the way.

        • These are photos of the castle district. Veszprém is a very old town and its biggest part actually looks like a village, with small, old houses with gardens. It is called “the town of the queens” (it has something to do with Gizella, the wife of our first king, István, but I don’t know the legend) and it was always more of a cultural center than an industrial one. Of course it is a big city so there are also some factories and modern houses but it’s mainly a village-like setting with a small historical center. It is very green and beautiful. It has also a military base, a university and a zoo.

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