Budapest – Terror Háza (House of Terror)

by ada

Terror Háza is a museum dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Arrow Cross Party (the Hungarian Nazi party before and during WWII) and of the Communist/Socialist regime. It’s situated in the building that was functioning as the headquarters of the secret police, where the interrogations and murders took place.

Terror Háza 28

Terror Háza 22

Terror Háza 38

Terror Háza 43

Terror Háza 45

Terror Háza 39

Terror Háza 47

Terror Háza 13

Terror Háza 6

Terror Háza 12

Terror Háza 7

5 Responses to “Budapest – Terror Háza (House of Terror)”

  1. When was the museum built?

    • Well, the house itself is still the original, built at the end of the 19th century. It was first used as an ordinary house, then as the Hungarian Jewish Museum, during WWII it became the headquartiers of the Arrow Cross Party, and after it as the center and prison of the secret police. It was closed down after the revolution in 1956 and was cleared of all this stuff. The museum was opened at 2002. You can find some info on it (in English) here:

  2. Thanks. Sad.
    Did you have some personal family reason to visit it? (ignore question if too personal)

    • Well, I think every Hungarian family has its own tragedies related to one of these regimes (or, as in our case, to both) but I had no personal reason to visit this museum. No family member of mine had ever been in this house, as far as I know.


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