Kranj – part 2

by ada

Kranj 18

Kranj 11

Kranj 55

Kranj 29

houses Kranj

old windows Kranj 2

Kranj 26

Kranj 48

bycicle post Kranj 1

boardel Kranj

Kranj 7

sheep graffiti Kranj 1

graffiti house Kranj 3

graffiti house Kranj 1

graffiti house Kranj 2

graffiti house Kranj 5

street art Kranj

street art Kranj 1

7 Responses to “Kranj – part 2”

  1. who would have thought? all this in Kranj! well done

    • I totally loved these smaller towns in Slovenia, they all have real character :o) It’s a pity it was raining, the river and the colorful houses should look beautiful in sunshine.

  2. Never feel sad on a rain soaked day!!! It’s the life blood of all that makes you smile on a sunny day….. Work with it and it will work with you Ada… Love your photooooossssssss. Slovenia is such a wonderful place and I have a retreat in the wine hills of Pince near Lendava, just a stones throw from Hungary.


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