by ada

Sutna Kamnik 9

old window Kamnik 4

Sutna Kamnik 5

flower window Kamnik

Kamnik 8

Kamnik 1

Dnevni Center Kamnik

cemetery mosaic Kamnik

Mali Grad Kamnik 4

view Kamnik 2

Kamnik 5

contemporary art Kamnik 1

Kamnik 9

Kamnik 22

Kamnik 21

Kamnik 20

old window Kamnik 2

map of Kamnik

8 Comments to “Kamnik”

  1. i love the Štacjon, the one above it and the green window the most

  2. Love your views on Kamnik Ada….. Can you tell me about the art work in the square by the kavarna Veronica please!
    Many thanks for taking a peep at my blog.

    • This was some free art exhibition but I unfortunately forgot the name of the artist :o( There were only these few pictures outside.

      • Thanks for your reply Ada about the art. I was in Kamnik on Tuesday and took a couple of snaps. Last year they also had artwork on display, so I think the artwork is always changing!!

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