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October 29, 2014

Slovenia – the ground beneath my feet

by ada

There are a plenty of good reasons to examine the ground beneath your feet in Slovenia. Looking down keeps you entertained and, most importantly, it provides you with information that is essential for safe travel…

Budimpesta 1

bus sign Piran 3

kranj ground 3

bycicle sign Portorose 1

…and for your survival through clues on where to find water and food.


ground Koper 4

If you’re lucky, you can even find some actual food.

apple 1

Water is everywhere…

ground Izola 8 (2)

Untitled 48

Untitled 31


…and so is nature.

flowers Kamnik

ground woods

ground Koper 3

As for the animals, there are sea stars,…

Piran ground

…colourful fish…

Untitled 114

…cats, that are eager to make friends with you…

Untitled 151

…and more cats that are too busy on their way to secret missions to care.

Untitled 206

You can also admire the beauty made by man.

Skofja Loka 19

Ljubljana train station ground 2

Ljubljana train station ground 3

church ground

ground kranj 1

Some of the artworks are even bearing the signature (and basic data information) of the artist.

Untitled 133

You can read poetry…

Ljubljana ground 5

…or challenge your ability of deciphering secret codes.

Ljubljana TAOJ

Discover the signs of love…

Bled ground 2


Ljubljana ground 6


Untitled 99

…and of recent or long gone underground civilisations.

Ljubljana ground 1

Piran Aquarium

And last but not least, there are always the cobblestones!

ground Ljubljana 3

Untitled 25 (2)

ground Ljubljana 2

ground Slovenia 1

Piran ground

ground kranj

Untitled 72

October 26, 2014

transit time in Maribor

by ada

Maribor old locomotive

Maribor 6

Maribor pavement

Maribor 5

Maribor 12

Maribor 16

Maribor fish pavement 1

October 25, 2014

Škofja Loka – Loka Castle

by ada

Loka Castle 56

Loka Castle 42

Loka Castle 3

Loka Castle 51

Loka Castle 45

Loka Castle 49

Loka Castle 15

Loka Castle 16

Loka Castle 36

Loka Castle 32

Loka Castle 11

Loka Castle 9

barn 1


apple 2

October 24, 2014

Škofja Loka – part 2

by ada

Skofja Loka 27

Skofja Loka 31

Skofja Loka 42

Skofja Loka 50

Skofja Loka 82

Skofja Loka 47

Skofja Loka 88

Skofja Loka 66

Skofja Loka 80

Skofja Loka 67

Untitled 14

Untitled 41

Untitled 20

Untitled 3a

Skofja Loka 73

October 23, 2014

Škofja Loka – part 1

by ada

Untitled 58 (2)

Untitled 61 (2)

Skofja Loka 15

Skofja Loka 21

Skofja Loka 11

Skofja Loka 37

Skofja Loka 64

Untitled 19 (2)

Skofja Loka 3

Skofja Loka 33

October 3, 2014

things that make me happy

by ada

1. Other people’s cars.

Ferrari horse

2. Random fireworks I saw from the  balcony the other day.

Untitled 9

3. My ladybird earrings. They aren’t new, but I find myself wearing them every day lately.

ladybird earrings 1

4. Sea salt chocolate made in Piran.

Piran chocolate with salt 1

5. Books from an English bookstore in Ljubljana. I’ve already finished the two Mma Ramotswe stories but haven’t started The Cuckoo’s Calling yet.

Ljubljana books

6. Speaking of books: new bookshelves. This is a never-ending battle between me and my books in which I’m still on the losing side.


7. Mini bottles of nail polish, bought in Maribor. I’ve never really gotten behind the ways nail polish rules the emotional life of women but Hungarian Health Care System is a weird, cruel place and I – being emotionally not exactly the toughest lately – need every bit of glittery distraction I can get to survive it.

nail polish

8. That my time in Hungarian Health Care System is almost over. Only eleven more exams to go and I’m free to choose my own path again.

ito 1

October 3, 2014


by ada



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