Mineralium Wien

by ada


Untitled 7

Untitled 124

Untitled 112

Untitled 10

Untitled 55

Untitled 83

Untitled 110

Untitled 101

Untitled 34

Untitled 20

Untitled 33

Untitled 92

Untitled 39

Untitled 50

Untitled 97

Untitled 69

Untitled 79

Untitled 52

Untitled 81

Untitled 68

3 Comments to “Mineralium Wien”

  1. Lovely and great colour contrast :) enjoyed this photo, I followed your blog and looking forward to more posts. Erin~ Here is a link to mine if you have the time. Have a great day.

  2. Love the fish fossil photo :)

    • Thanks :o) There were some amazing fossils, fish and insects and even one small crab-like animal, it is really fascinating how their images have survived thousands of years.

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