but it’s love that does us in

by ada

A tribute to Wally Neuzil.

Leopold Museum 191

Wally Neuzil 3

Egon Schiele Wally Neuzil

Neuzil 2

Schiele Neuzil

Schiele 2

Wally Neuzil

Leopold Museum 175

3 Responses to “but it’s love that does us in”

  1. I loved the Schiele-Neuzil exhibition at the Leopold, as you clearly did too. Thank you for this tribute to Wally. I feel the same way about her, so much so that I’ve written a novel called The Artist’s Muse which tells the story of her life with Egon, told through her eyes. The Artist’s Muse is available on Amazon and I have a website that explores the ideas that underpin it – https://theartistsmuseblog.wordpress.com/

    • I always thought that Schiele treated her wrong and giving her up for financial security through a well-thought-out marriage was a cowardly move.
      Your book sounds intriguing :o)


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