if I were a bear, and a big bear too

by ada

I took these photos in December 2014, and now I’m publishing them because I’m the queen of getting things done why not.

Untitled 70

Untitled 13a

Untitled 86

Untitled 66

Untitled 20

Untitled 9a

Untitled 79

Untitled 109a

Untitled 2teddy

Untitled 24teddy

Untitled 140

Untitled 113

Untitled 83

Untitled 36

Untitled 173

Untitled 201

Untitled 176

Untitled 60

teddy 15

Untitled 184

Untitled 191

Untitled 185

teddy 19

Untitled 41

Untitled 21

Untitled 36t

teddy 16

Untitled 29t

teddy 62

Untitled 49

Untitled 5 (2)

teddy 56

teddy 79

Untitled 90a

Untitled 31t

Untitled 13

teddy 77

Untitled 14 (2)

teddy 1

teddy 41

teddy 44

teddy 75

Untitled 107a

4 Comments to “if I were a bear, and a big bear too”

  1. I didn’t know there was a teddy bear museum in Vienna! Those bears really made me feel happy :)

    • Sadly, there isn’t anymore :o( But they kept a window on Rotenturmstrasse with a small exhibition. All those bears with their mini accessories, it’s really too cute :o)

  2. Oh! This is a whole new world! More honey and no more Yugoslavia bombing, yeah! <3

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