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November 22, 2015

Bregenz – Seepromenade

by ada

íbregenz promenade

Bodensee 3

Untitled 132

Bregenz Hafen 3

Bregenz Hafen 4

Bregen Hafen 2

Bodensee swan 2

Bodensee swan 13

November 21, 2015

Bregenz – the second round, part 2

by ada

Bregenz 20

cherries 1

Bregenz C&A

Bregenz 6

Gasteiner Elements 4

Bregenz 12

Vorarlberg Museum 1

Gott wurfelt nicht

November 21, 2015

Bregenz – the second round, part 1

by ada

Bregenz 17

Bregenz 15

Bregenz 4

Tonfilm Theater Bregenz 2

Bregenz 3

Bregenz 18

der seebrunzler 1

Bregenz 14

Bregenz 23

Bregenz ground

November 19, 2015

Bregenz – Seebühne 2015

by ada

Seebühne Turandot Bregenz 9

Seebühne Turandot Bregenz 1

Seebühne Turandot Bregenz 13

Bregenz Seebühne 4

Bregenz Seebühne 2

Seebühne Turandot Bregenz 12

Seebühne Turandot Bregenz 23

November 18, 2015

Bregenz – the first impressions

by ada

Bregenz 19

Bregenz 12

Bregenz 9

Bregenz 7

Bregenz dirnd 2

Bregenz 22

Bregenz das ist Österreich

Bregenz Montfortstrasse

Untitled 4

Bregenz swan

Bregenz 2

Bodensee Bregenz 2

tschueggi 1

Bodensee Bregenz 4

Untitled 76

Bregenz Turandot 1

Bodensee 8

Untitled 34

Untitled 36

November 17, 2015


by ada

Untitled 48

Untitled 21

Untitled 59

Untitled 24

Untitled 44

November 9, 2015

a matter of concentration

by ada

Untitled 39

Untitled 12

November 9, 2015


by ada

Untitled 27

Untitled 36

November 8, 2015

Budapest – Gül Baba rózsakertje (the rose garden of Gül Baba)

by ada

Gül Baba rózsakertje 7

Gül Baba rózsakertje 38

Gül Baba rózsakertje 4

Gül Baba rózsakertje 16

Gül Baba rózsakertje

Gül Baba rózsakertje 43

Gül Baba rózsakertje 49

November 7, 2015

Budapest – Gül baba türbéje

by ada

Gül baba türbéje 72

Gül baba türbéje 70

Gül baba türbéje 3

Gül baba türbéje 37

Gül baba türbéje 60

Gül baba türbéje 51

Gül baba türbéje 66

Gül baba türbéje

Gül baba türbéje 85

Gül baba türbéje 87

Gül baba türbéje 18

Gül baba türbéje 29

Gül baba türbéje 14

Gül baba türbéje 108

Gül baba

November 6, 2015

Budapest – Gül Baba utca

by ada

Gül baba utca 16

Gül baba utca 1

Gül baba utca 22

Gül baba utca

Gül baba utca 18

Gül baba utca 9

Gül baba utca 6

Gül baba utca 10

Gül baba utca 28

Gül baba utca 37

November 5, 2015

Budapest – Red Bull Air Race 2015

by ada

Budapest Red Bull Air Race 2015 104

Budapest Red Bull Air Race 2015 152

Budapest Red Bull Air Race 2015 114

Budapest Red Bull Air Race 2015 160

November 3, 2015

things that make me happy

by ada

Well, it’s more like things that made me happy at one point of my life during this not-very-well-documented summer, haha. (Actually, it was very well documented but rather poorly shared.) (Btw, I’m rapidly catching up on summer posts, thanks to the awful schleimy October weather and some unidentified but deadly efficient pathogen that ate my respiratory system and my brain and put me in bed for two weeks).

Anyway. Here come some of my summer joys that I want to keep a record of, like…

…orange flowers:

tűzliliom 2

…and orange cats:

Untitled 111

Summer shadows…

shadow 2

…and birds on furniture:

Valtice castle 27

Free books…

freie Bücher

…especially this one I was gifted by the nice reception lady at the Heimatmuseum in Schruns:

Enid Blyton 1

Wearing the necklace my mother got from her grandparents for her high school graduation:

chain 3

Meeting Super Mario in the public toilet of the GWL in Bregenz…

Super Mario

…and discovering a proper dwarf colony in my neighbourhood:

törpe 1

That my patients seem to like me…

Liebe Schwester

…and that my coworkers in Bregenz turned out to be awesome (after spending the previous six months in a classic You Can’t Sit With Us situation in Wien, this was without doubt the greatest gift of the summer):

Untitled 2

Stones I collected at various beaches around the Bodensee:

Bodenseesteine 2

Crossing borders…

border between Kreuzlingen and Konstanz

…and bringing home small reminders of a country I’ve never been to before:

Suisse Garantie 1

That I got to spend my summer in Bregenz, where my days looked like this…

Bregenz Pipeline

Bodensee 1


Salem 6

…and my nights like this:

sunset Bodensee 1


Bregenz Hafenfest

Langenargen 2

That I got to travel a lot…

ferryboat Romanshorn and Friedrichshafen

…and that, on some of my adventures, I even got to have a travel companion:

Casey 4

Signs of refugee support around Austria and Germany…

refugees welcome Ravensburg 4

Migration is not a crime Hohenems

Asyl ist Menschenrecht 5

…and support for those who actually do the job of fighting the cause of the refugee problem. Go Kurds!

Lindau 4

November 2, 2015

the flowers of the Břeclav Jewish cemetery

by ada

Breclav Jewish cemetery 4

Breclav Jewish cemetery 8

November 2, 2015

June recap

by ada

On the first day of June, I moved out of this house…

Dienstwohnung 1

…in that (false) belief, that I have a new place to move in. As it turned out, I didn’t. So, in a not-very-typical-for-me fashion, I took a quick decision and rented a storage locker for my stuff…

lager 1

…and bought a train ticket to the first place that came into my mind. It happened to be Břeclav:

breclav 54

There I spent my evenings with counting trains from my window…

Breclav 2

… while eating ramen (I’m the queen of travelling on a budget!)…

Untitled 57

…and original Albert Heijn cheese which I found at the “Albert Supermarket”. It instantly reminded me of those terrible three years I spent in Holland (and the numerous occasions AH saved my life through providing its costumers with free coffee):

Albert Heijn

During the day I took local trains to travel around.

Untitled 50

I visited the Valtice castle…

Untitled 4

…where I admired some aristocratic toilets…

Valtice castle 96

…drank Kofola…

Untitled 53

…and ate Studentska chocolate:

Untitled 66

I also went to Mikulov…

Mikulov 127

…before leaving for home:

pu 1

I spent the rest of the month in Budapest:

Untitled 13

…with my family:


Untitled 38

I made only a minimal effort to stay cultured…

Arany Sas 20

…and spent my time mostly eating (and photographing) summer food:

cseresznye 1

szeder 1


grill 1


November 1, 2015

June, she’ll change her tune

by ada

I’d probably be in a trouble if I’d have to recall what these books are about – the perks of being four (five?) months behind my life, haha.

June readings

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