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March 26, 2016

Dornbirn – inatura, part 1

by ada

Untitled 107

Untitled 61

Untitled 25

Untitled 79

inatura Dornbirn 21

Untitled 74

Untitled 37m

Untitled 40a

inatura Dornbirn 23

Das Wunder Mensch Dornbirn inatura 6

Das Wunder Mensch Dornbirn inatura 10

March 19, 2016

conversations with random people about being Hungarian

by ada

Part 1.

my family doctor: – Where are you from?

me: – Hungary.

mfd: – But you don’t look Hungarian at all!

(There is no such thing as “Hungarian looks”. We don’t have a national stereotype.)

(Okay, so maybe we do.)

Part 2.

my boss: – Do you know X.Y.?

me: – No.

my boss:  – That’s not possible! He is also from Budapest!

(Budapest’s population is over two million. Shame on me for not being acquainted with every single member of it.)

Part 3. 

my coworker: – Do all Hungarians have blue eyes?

me: – ???

coworker: – The Hungarian doctor has blue eyes.

me: – Oh yeah?

coworker: – You also have blue eyes. So all the Hungarians I know have blue eyes.

(Well, that’s exactly two Hungarians out of the ten million. And my eyes are green but whatever.)

Part 4. 

the same coworker: – You shouldn’t be in contact with other Hungarians.

me: – ???

coworker: – You should use your time while living in other countries to embrace other cultures.

(I’m living in other cultures since thirteen years. I have already embraced everything that is to embrace. At one point of my life I even owned a dirndl.)

Part 5.

Austrian doctor: – Where did you go to nursing school?

me: – I went to some school in Hungary.

Austrian doctor: – I thought you were from Austria!

patient 1: – I thought you were from Switzerland!

patient 2: – I thought you were Czech!

March 14, 2016

stranger in a strange land

by ada

People who talk to me at work:

  • the cleaning lady from Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • the cleaning lady from Macedonia
  • the kitchen helper from Tibet
  • the nursing assistant from Congo
  • the nursing assistant from Turkey (although she’s no longer there)
  • the nurse anaesthetist from the Czech Republic (she’s on a sick leave since months)
  • the OR nurse from the Czech Republic
  • the OR nurse from Romania
  • the Polish doctor

People who don’t talk to me at work:

  • the remaining 9 Austrian cleaning ladies
  • the remaining 53 Austrian nurses
  • the remaining 25 Austrian doctors

I might open a new subcategory betitled “conversations that never happened”.

March 12, 2016

Dornbirn – part 2

by ada

Dornbirn 61

Dornbirn 46

Dornbirn 8

Dornbirn 147

Dornbirn 72

Dornbirn 164

Dornbirn 183

Dornbirn 130

Dornbirn 157

Dornbirn 28

Dornbirn 54

Dornbirn 74

Dornbirn 170

March 12, 2016

Dornbirn – part 1

by ada

Dornbirn 11

Dornbirn 203

Dornbirn 81

Dornbirn 51

Dornbirn 44

Dornbirn 48

Dornbirn 33

Dornbirn 140

Dornbirn 100

Dornbirn 121

Dornbirn 19

Dornbirn 101

Dornbirn 125

Dornbirn 85

Dornbirn 76

Dornbirn 135

Dornbirn 68

Dornbirn 142

Dornbirn 153

Dornbirn 155

Dornbirn 132

March 9, 2016

Kunsthaus Bregenz – Joan Mitchell: Retrospective. Her life and paintings

by ada

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 7

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 57

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 31

Joan Mitchell Bregenz

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 108

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 71

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 23

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 83

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 94

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 48

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 62

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 86

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 76

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 89

Joan Mitchell Bregenz 28

March 8, 2016

Bregenzer Spaziergänge

by ada

Bregenz Tonfilm Theater


Bregenz 26

Bregenz 2

Bregenz 21

Bregenz 23

Bregenz 8

Bregenz 14

March 6, 2016

the place where Austria meets Switzerland

by ada

I can’t seem to be able to catch up with this blog anymore – eight months have passed since I visited Hohenems. It’s about time to either give up on this blog or start posting again. Let’s try the latter, okay?

Hohenems, the birth place of Salomon Sulzer (more on that soon), also happens to be a border town to Switzerland, which is double win :o) Only fifteen minutes walk from the town center gets you to this practical but not very charming commercial area:

Hohenems Swiss border

Here you can either pass the abandoned border control buildings and continue along the traffic over the bridge to Diepoldsau…

Hohenems Swiss border 1

Alter Rhein Hohenems 19

or you can walk down along the Old Rhine…

Alter Rhein Hohenems 54

Untitled 23

…and do something…

Alter Rhein Hohenems 31

…much better:

Alter Rhein Hohenems 44

…you can swim over to Switzerland!

Alter Rhein Hohenems 48

Or, if you (like me) haven’t yet figured out the Nr.1 rule of the Vorarlberger Summer, which is always wear your swimsuit under your regular clothes, you can just hang your feet in shallow waters…

Alter Rhein Hohenems 3

…and collect freshwater mussel shells…

Untitled 33

…of which there are plenty.

Untitled 40

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