Feldkirch – part 3

by ada




Untitled 133

Untitled 85


Untitled 283

Untitled 342

Untitled 401

Untitled 404

Untitled 227

Untitled 354

Untitled 187


Untitled 367

Untitled 90

5 Comments to “Feldkirch – part 3”

  1. Love the happiness-gnome-dog combo. :D Also, it is VERY tidy. I think I’ve been in Italy quite long now… Not to say that I miss tidiness but for sure there is not much of it around (including at home, to amore’s regret, hihi).

    • That dog was a lucky shot :o) Austrian small towns tend to be really tidy and nicely kept. ven the bigger cities are much cleaner than any place in Hungary. I totally get the appeal of not-so-tidy homes – I grew up in one, plus I spent far too many years cleaning other people’s toilet (or, actually, cleaning other people, haha) in order to get my study fees together and survive my university years. I do not want to clean anything (including my own home) anymore in this life :DDDD

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