Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen – part 3

by ada

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Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen 51

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Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen 67

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der mensch als industriepalast

kilowattstunden 1

9 Responses to “Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen – part 3”

  1. Der kleine Stowasser? I only know that Hundertwasser, the architect, was born Stowasser and changed his name upon learning that “Sto” means “a hundred” in a few Slavic languages, including Slovenian. :)

    • It`s a Latin-German dictionary. According to Wikipedia, its editor and Hundertwasser were relatives, almost 100 year apart :o) I can count in Russian up to ten, that were my only knowledge of Slavic numbers (until now :DDD)

      • Okay, just for you, Slovenian until ten: 1. ena, 2. dva, 3. tri, 4. štiri, 5. pet, 6. šest, 7. sedem, 8. osem, 9. devet, 10. deset. :) And thanks for the info!

        • It`s almost the same as in Russian!

          • Slavic languages are so similar that I was able to communicate in my language in Prague and in Bratislava. It’s only our southern ‘brothers’ who used to find it hard to understand us. :D (ie. Serbians, Croates, Macedonians). But truth be told – Slovenian might be more similar to Slovak and Czech, and even Russian, than these three.

            • One of my very best friend is Slowenian and she could actually understand our Bulgarian friend, even if not completely :o) It should be nice to have language relatives. Hungarian is like a lonesome island.

              • :) True! How about Finnish? Not really, hm? That’s nice, to have Slovenian best friend. If you ever visit her there, tell me. I’m going in a few days.

                • Well, we parted ways with the Finnish 2000 years ago. They say the grammar and the pronunciation are similar (we both have accents only on the first syllable of a word) but we actually aren’t even close to understanding each other. It’s a pity. My friend lives in Germany now, she is an opera singer, but before she moved away, she sung in the Maribor opera and lived in Celje.


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