the place where Germany meets Austria

by ada

One thing (amongst so many) I loved about living in Bregenz was its proximity to Germany and Switzerland. Because as a true child of the Iron Curtain Era, also called Socialism, I can’t get enough of the feeling of freedom that comes with crossing borders without being shot at. So I use every opportunity to prove myself that the world (or at least, the EU) belongs to me (well, at least until our president Orbán Viktor manages to get Brussels to kick us out of it, the possibility of which seems to grow with every occasion he opens his mouth for any other purpose than to breath, but let’s this blog remain my happy place, untouched from harsh Hungarian reality and forget for a moment to which nation I happen to belong) (it’s not easy; I have so much to tell you about how 3,3 million is not the 98% of 8,2 million – the number of Hungarian citizens allowed to vote – but I will try to restrain myself and concentrate on my adventures of the summer of 2015) (but believe me, these are the times that make me really regret that I’m not blogging in Hungarian anymore, hahahaha).

Anyway. Back to Bregenz and to nicer times, spent with my bike, Rozi II…


…with whom, on a cloudy but warm day we started out at the Bregenz Hafen, with the purpose of crossing the German border (again).


To get to Germany, you have to bike along the Pipeline, which, during summertime, is not as easy a task as it seems. Bregenz is a touristy city and its bike roads can get crowded. There are, in fact, spots that remind me of Rush Hour in Utrecht. Fortunately, the Pipeline is one of the more civilised routes, so with medium biking skills and a good brake you will be able to reach Lindau without running over Japanese tourists, unsupervised toddlers and retired ladies enjoying the pleasures of nude bathing.


Don’t let oncoming traffic…


…or beautiful scenery disturb you…


…just bike along until you reach Mili, the oldest military bath of the Lake Constance area…



… or, some hundred meters away, its small, newer brother.


Here you can take a break…


…before continuing your way to Lochau…



…and the small river of Leiblach, which marks the German-Austrian border.


Get on the bridge…


…and bike until the middle of it.



Here you can be as international as it gets:


…standing with one foot in Vorarlberg, Austria…


…and with the other in the free German state of Bavaria!


3 Comments to “the place where Germany meets Austria”

  1. Well, I wouldn’t mind a political rant from you, it’s just what this world needs, people who tell it like it is. As for nudebathing, or bathing in general in Germany – already in 1991, when I happened to spend a night in Calw about 30 km from Stuttgart, and I inquired about bathing opportunities in the vicinity, the hostel owner and her son gave me the weirdest look and told me nobody had been swimming in rivers for the last 30 years. Your images look tempting!

    • Hungarian politics has always been a joke but it reached brand new levels of ridiculousness lately. Like O.V: goes on and on on every platform about winning the migration quote referendum with 98% – while that f. referendum wasn’t even valid. I mean, wtf. More than 50% of the population boycotted it, myself included, because it was the safest way to go against O.V.’s will. But regardless of the results, he just lies and tells that he won it. No, he did not win it. He lost it. F-ing miserably. His 98% is in reality only 40% but there are no place for basic maths and democracy in Hungarian politics anymore. It is a joke, I have no other words for it.

      Well, I don’t know about Germany, but in Austria everybody swims in lakes and rivers :o) It may depend on the rivers and seasons though. Or your hostel owner was just out of touch with plebeian customs :DDD

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by borders, how they appear, nations manage them, and particularly in Schengen nations, how people navigate from one side to the other. Thanks for portraying these border areas.

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