August recap

by ada

The results of the US election gave me a huge motivation for blogging, because looking back at my sunny summer adventures in 2015 is much more comforting than looking forward to a future in which Donald Trump rules the world; which perspective is, let’s be real, more than terrifying.

Since I can’t change anything (I wish I could), I am now feverishly preparing for WW3 and transforming our cellar into a nuclear shelter do what I can to blend out real life problems and live in the past, so here you are, August 2015.

I started the month with German fireworks in Langenargen:


It was raining light!


It was also a fine opportunity to take out of focus photos of the festively decorated ships…


…and of an unusually empty Lindau at night:


A few days later I spent 11 hours on a train…


… to get home in time for my mother’s birthday:


She received some handmade presents from Milo and Móricka:


In the process of creating it Milo got caught red handed. He looks quite embarrassed:


Móricka was rather pleased with the results:


Everybody coped with the heat in his own way: Milo took possession of the electric fan…


…Móricka wore his tribal colours with pride…


…The Cat buried herself in the closet (don’t ask)…


…my sister put up the grill…


…and I tackled some long overdue personal projects:



When the time came, I crossed Austria again…


…and got back to Bregenz:


I spent a lot of time on the road…


…making decisions…


…and getting my feet…


…and my bike dirty…


…on forest paths…


…and in water:


I met all kinds of animals…




…but mainly pigs:



I took the Muttersbergbahn…


…to look over the mountains around Bludenz:


I swam in the Bodensee…


…and in the Dornbirner Ach:


One time I even went to night swimming (the giant groups of bats and mosquitos swarming over me are not pictured but they were REAL):


I visited new cities…


…and revisited old favourites:


I also crossed borders, because that’s what I like to do:


I listened to music during the day…


and at night:


I saw (but wasn’t allowed to play) the organ Hans Buchner has once practised on (more than 500 years ago):


I met really old Chinese ladies…


…Bavarian witches…


…and whole families in splendid Vorarlberger tracht:


And, tired but happy, I ended the month just the same way as I started it: with fireworks. This time in Bregenz:


4 Comments to “August recap”

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely, and lovely.

    • I’m actually terribly sad, because I’ve just lost the illusion that, at the last moment, people will choose common sense over hate. People will always choose hate over everything else. And ignorance is real.

      Anyway, my summer was in fact lovely; I wish I could go back in time and never left Bregenz.

  2. I am sorry you are sad. I am sorry we all have reason to be sad. I got over my sadness pretty quickly. It is what it is. I know that for the most part we humans are chattering monkeys easily aroused to mass stupidity. It has happened before. I never felt I had a handle on what this ‘thing that is wrong with America’ really is. Had real wages fallen? Were the great mass of semi-rural Americans left to fester while the elite made money? I don’t have the facts. Plainly, something was getting better under the Obama administration. And equally plainly, people resent it if they see others doing better and don’t feel there are all in the same boat. Why has the DOW gone up against all expectations?

    My first thought was – Will they reverse Roe v. Wade? I think that is a bridge too far. If that happens, there will be people on the streets.

    • I guess I’m more emotional than you :o) I find it very frightening that so many people agree with him on subjects like racism and hate. And that there are so many people that may not agree with him, but will take racism and hate (directed to others, of course, not them) as “necessary bad” if they think they will gain something with/through it. I have had patients, cute old Austrian ladies, more of them, actually, who were really fond of Hitler – from a purely economical point of view. They told me things like “he gave us jobs, he introduced obligatory child support, oh those were the times, we all were well off and happy”. Yeah. Except those who were not. It is unbelievable how ready people are to shut their eyes for some personal profit.

      On the other hand, I am and have always been poor. Not the “American kind of poor”, with a house and two cars, but the real, Eastern-European kind of poor. It’s much better now that I’m working in Austria, but I still own nothing, no flat, no car, nothing. And yet, I would never ever consider voting for somebody who is so openly racist and hateful, even if he promised me 2% lower taxes or whatever Trump’s honeytalk was.

      And let’s not get me started on how completely inadequate and ignorant he is. He does not believe in science facts, like climate change. What will his next move be? Announce that the Earth is, indeed, flat? How can people take such a person seriously enough to make him rule the whole free world? I don’t get it. I really don’t. It’s a joke.

      I am clearly not an economical expert but I agree, things were starting to get better during Obama. All for nothing now, I guess.

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