Bad Wurzach – Straußenfarm Oberschwaben (Upper Swabian Ostrich Farm)

by ada

6 Comments to “Bad Wurzach – Straußenfarm Oberschwaben (Upper Swabian Ostrich Farm)”

  1. :o Not your usual farm… This reminds me of the time when a neighbour asked father what he would do with an ostrich egg, since he was given one and he didn’t know how to best use it. Father had no idea so he googled it. The first site he found said that first of all he should get an electric drill. He thought it was a joke. :D

    • It was an interesting excursion for sure. They have a shop too, and they make candles and lamp shells from the eggs. They are very hard, the keeper of the farm even stood on one egg to show us that it does not break. He is at least 70-80 kgs so it was impressive :o) When I visited my Slowenian friend, there was an ostrich farm near their house. It is somewhere around Radovljica I think? What did your neighbour do with the egg?

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