Mariazell – the first impressions, part 1

by ada


8 Comments to “Mariazell – the first impressions, part 1”

  1. Austria is as much the landscape of my past as Slovenia, or Trieste, and only now I see how much when I see this long-forgotten order on your photos. My father was born in Styria, just on the Slovenian side of it, in Maribor. Do you know Styria (in Slovenian called Štajerska) is the largest region in Slovenia?

    • It is such a friendly region down there :o) I went to uni in Graz and but I only visited Slovenia once during those years when my friend invited me for the summer. I now regret that I did not explore the region more but I was so poor those days I really didn’t have the excess money for travelling :o( Maribor is a place I want to go back to see more of it (I had only a few hours between changing trains there). I may move to Slovenia when I retire :DDDD

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