Advent in Salzburg

by ada

5 Comments to “Advent in Salzburg”

  1. Lovely heart, freedom and the castle above which could almost be that one in Ljubljana, just a bit higher up and bigger. :)

    • Now that you say it, it really bears a resemblance with the Ljubljana Castle :) I love Salzburg, liked living there and am always happy to visit.

      • I had another look and I really admire photo no. 9. What a jungle! Once – August 18th 1995 – I spent an entire night roaming around Salzburg with a friend after the concert of Neil Young in the main square. Somehow we didn’t think we needed to sleep. :D I remember it as pretty but cold and slightly boring nightlife-wise. And right now, as I googled for the exact date, I found the video of the entire show. :o Internet…

  2. Haha, internet is priceless :DDD You now inspired me to look up Axl Rose singing Hungarian folk songs in 1992 in Budapest and it’s on Youtube :DDDDDD

    That photo is taken in the famous Getreidegasse. I guess you have more night life options now than 20 years ago, but I am not an authority on the subject – I either work or sleep at night :)

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