Linz at Christmastime

by ada

6 Comments to “Linz at Christmastime”

  1. Juhu, Ada is back! :) You might have seen it or you might not: a door especially for you which I posted some time ago. Have a look: Happy spring!

    • Well, “back” may be an exaggeration, but I seemingly still have not given up on this place :DDD

      You always put doors to good use

      • :D Momentarily you are here, which is good. And you posted a Juhu photo, which is my preferred greeting (in Slovenian), so juhu to you too. ;) And doors are mighty useful.

      • I haven’t blog for so long that I forgot how to do comments, haha. What I wanted to say that your doors are always on point :)
        I haven’t seen that church in Prague yet, but on my next visit I will definitely look it up ;)

  2. I have lived in Linz for one year, such an amazing city! Miss it so much ❤️

    • Yes, it definitely has its charme. I was rather unhappy there though and do not miss it at all :) But I’m happy that it worked for you :)

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