I’m a Hungarian girl working as a nurse in Salzburg, Austria. I also studied early music in Graz and in Wien, Austria and in Utrecht and in The Hague, The Netherlands. The purpose of this blog is mainly to host my Project 365, but I will also add some other photos if I find that they can help me to reach my goal: to learn how to love my life and find joy in the simplicity of my everyday existence.

If you have questions or just some thoughts to share, please feel free to write me a mail or just leave a comment. I’m always happy to receive feedback. You can write me in English, German, Dutch or Hungarian at fricifrog@gmail.com

(photo courtesy of Ancsangyalka)

17 Responses to “about”

  1. It’s not an easy war to win… I know as I have fought the war and won. You have to find your own way through it… I wish you strength and a modicum of joy along the way. Be kind to yourself…and WOW to being able to understand 4 languages !! I can barely do my own sometimes :)

  2. Hi I just stumbled upon your blog. Its really nice. Local life scenes are really nice. Thank you for sharing your stories. Would like to stop by.. Nice to meet you. Have a nice day..:)

  3. Beautiful pictures!! :) Can’t wait to see more.

  4. Hey ada, as you can see in the link below, I have been nominated in a challenge to post my three favourite quotes, one each for three consecutive days. With each post I have to nominate three bloggers for the challenge (I cut that to three overall). It is not required to accept but I’ll be happy if you do. :) If you accept, you have to recognize the blogger who nominated you and pass it on. I have nominated you as I love your blog and for reasons stated in the post. I hope you don’t mind and hope you have fun with it.


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