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November 19, 2020

December recap

by ada

I can’t count the ways this blog has helped me throughout the years – the best of all is  it serving as my memory, haha. In no way could I otherwise recall what I did 5 years ago in December.

As it turns out, five years ago in December I spent an afternoon in Salzburg…

…and another one in Wels, where I visited Europe’s largest Christkind:

In Schärding I saw the house, where Rupert Ignaz Mayr was born…

…and stepped briefly on German land…

…before really going for it and spending a whole day in Passau. I liked it!

Not everybody is of the same opinion, though:

Honestly, what’s wrong with this generation?

We really need some peace…

…and some Bach on Europe”s largest pipe organ (yeah, it was the month of the Greatest(s)).

I also drank the first (and last) mulled wine of the season (my yearly total alcohol consumption, I’m a party animal, but only at heart):

Christmas was everywhere:

I mean, literally. Everywhere. 

‘Tis the season for the good and the innocent…

…and for the truly evil:

Fortunately, I got home safely, just in time…

…for Móricka’s birthday party…

…and for Christmas Eve:

We went skating…

…and made a stunning gingerbread house:

Two proud baker’s helfers:

New Year’s Eve I spent, hot and reckless as I am, partying hard with Milo…


…and The Cat.

November 14, 2020

Budapest at Christmastime

by ada

November 13, 2020


by ada

June 2, 2017

Budapest – Tropicarium revisited

by ada

July 14, 2016

vale, vita brevis, iam non es mea vita

by ada

Esterházy Péter, 1950.04.14 – 2016.07.14

March 19, 2016

conversations with random people about being Hungarian

by ada

Part 1.

my family doctor: – Where are you from?

me: – Hungary.

mfd: – But you don’t look Hungarian at all!

(There is no such thing as “Hungarian looks”. We don’t have a national stereotype.)

(Okay, so maybe we do.)

Part 2.

my boss: – Do you know X.Y.?

me: – No.

my boss:  – That’s not possible! He is also from Budapest!

(Budapest’s population is over two million. Shame on me for not being acquainted with every single member of it.)

Part 3. 

my coworker: – Do all Hungarians have blue eyes?

me: – ???

coworker: – The Hungarian doctor has blue eyes.

me: – Oh yeah?

coworker: – You also have blue eyes. So all the Hungarians I know have blue eyes.

(Well, that’s exactly two Hungarians out of the ten million. And my eyes are green but whatever.)

Part 4. 

the same coworker: – You shouldn’t be in contact with other Hungarians.

me: – ???

coworker: – You should use your time while living in other countries to embrace other cultures.

(I’m living in other cultures since thirteen years. I have already embraced everything that is to embrace. At one point of my life I even owned a dirndl.)

Part 5.

Austrian doctor: – Where did you go to nursing school?

me: – I went to some school in Hungary.

Austrian doctor: – I thought you were from Austria!

patient 1: – I thought you were from Switzerland!

patient 2: – I thought you were Czech!

November 8, 2015

Budapest – Gül Baba rózsakertje (the rose garden of Gül Baba)

by ada

Gül Baba rózsakertje 7

Gül Baba rózsakertje 38

Gül Baba rózsakertje 4

Gül Baba rózsakertje 16

Gül Baba rózsakertje

Gül Baba rózsakertje 43

Gül Baba rózsakertje 49

November 7, 2015

Budapest – Gül baba türbéje

by ada

Gül baba türbéje 72

Gül baba türbéje 70

Gül baba türbéje 3

Gül baba türbéje 37

Gül baba türbéje 60

Gül baba türbéje 51

Gül baba türbéje 66

Gül baba türbéje

Gül baba türbéje 85

Gül baba türbéje 87

Gül baba türbéje 18

Gül baba türbéje 29

Gül baba türbéje 14

Gül baba türbéje 108

Gül baba

November 6, 2015

Budapest – Gül Baba utca

by ada

Gül baba utca 16

Gül baba utca 1

Gül baba utca 22

Gül baba utca

Gül baba utca 18

Gül baba utca 9

Gül baba utca 6

Gül baba utca 10

Gül baba utca 28

Gül baba utca 37

November 5, 2015

Budapest – Red Bull Air Race 2015

by ada

Budapest Red Bull Air Race 2015 104

Budapest Red Bull Air Race 2015 152

Budapest Red Bull Air Race 2015 114

Budapest Red Bull Air Race 2015 160

November 2, 2015

June recap

by ada

On the first day of June, I moved out of this house…

Dienstwohnung 1

…in that (false) belief, that I have a new place to move in. As it turned out, I didn’t. So, in a not-very-typical-for-me fashion, I took a quick decision and rented a storage locker for my stuff…

lager 1

…and bought a train ticket to the first place that came into my mind. It happened to be Břeclav:

breclav 54

There I spent my evenings with counting trains from my window…

Breclav 2

… while eating ramen (I’m the queen of travelling on a budget!)…

Untitled 57

…and original Albert Heijn cheese which I found at the “Albert Supermarket”. It instantly reminded me of those terrible three years I spent in Holland (and the numerous occasions AH saved my life through providing its costumers with free coffee):

Albert Heijn

During the day I took local trains to travel around.

Untitled 50

I visited the Valtice castle…

Untitled 4

…where I admired some aristocratic toilets…

Valtice castle 96

…drank Kofola…

Untitled 53

…and ate Studentska chocolate:

Untitled 66

I also went to Mikulov…

Mikulov 127

…before leaving for home:

pu 1

I spent the rest of the month in Budapest:

Untitled 13

…with my family:


Untitled 38

I made only a minimal effort to stay cultured…

Arany Sas 20

…and spent my time mostly eating (and photographing) summer food:

cseresznye 1

szeder 1


grill 1


October 27, 2015

Budapest – Várkert Bazár

by ada

Untitled 129q

Untitled 142

Untitled 4n

Untitled 171

Várkert Bazár 41

Untitled 150

Várkert Bazár 18

Várkert Bazár 25

Untitled 53

Untitled 23

Untitled 5

Untitled 17

Untitled 24m

Untitled 129

Untitled 103

Untitled 31

Várkert Bazár 12

Várkert Bazár 30

Untitled 41

October 20, 2015

Budapest – Vár

by ada

Untitled 53

Untitled 39

Untitled 18

Untitled 40

Untitled 19

Untitled 15

Untitled 27

Untitled 3

Untitled 31

Untitled 35

October 19, 2015

Budapest – Arany Sas Patikamúzeum (Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum)

by ada

Arany Sas 90

Arany Sas 16

Arany Sas 66

Arany Sas 38

Arany Sas 101

Arany Sas 24

Arany Sas 83

Arany Sas 52

Arany Sas 27

Arany Sas

Arany Sas 65

Arany Sas 105

Arany Sas 94

Arany Sas 46

Arany Sas 58

Arany Sas 7

Arany Sas 22

October 18, 2015


by ada

Chain Bridge Budapest 5

Chain Bridge Budapest 16

Hungarian Parliament 1

Budapest Castle District 4

Budapest Castle District 6

Budapest 5

Budapest 11

October 17, 2015

Budapest – Belváros

by ada

Budapest 1

Budapest 3

Budapest 5

Budapest 7

June 27, 2015

first campfire of the season

by ada

Untitled 56

Untitled 29

Untitled 31

Untitled 74

Untitled 69

Untitled 27

Untitled 37

Untitled 92

May 25, 2015

April recap

by ada

April found me in Hungary, where I visited the ruins of the Schossberger castle in Tura,

Untitled 171 (2)

celebrated my father’s birthday,

Untitled 82

hunted some Easter Eggs with Milo and Móricka,

Untitled 181

and took photos of every blossoming tree that came my way.

Untitled 51

After Easter I travelled back to Vienna to work my socks off enjoy spring weather,

Vienna spring

play tourist,


and continue discovering my neighbourhood.

Untitled 34

I spent an afternoon in Mödling,

Untitled 90

where I walked in weird woods,

Untitled 26o

picked flowers,

Untitled 50

and met a post-Easter bunny.

Untitled 36 (2)

I visited the House of Music,


and went to the Vienna Air King contest to see some flying bikes (of which occasion some photos are yet to be shared) (if only I could find the time).

Untitled 65d

The rest of the month was not the least blogworthy. I worked/slept it through without taking a single photo after the 11th of April. All the glamour of my life, haha.

May 17, 2015

Easter Monday

by ada

Untitled 60

Untitled 50

Untitled 88

Untitled 119

Untitled 101

Untitled 33

Untitled 53

Untitled 195

Untitled 118

Untitled 44

Untitled 116

Untitled 143

Untitled 160

Untitled 152

Untitled 97

Untitled 159

Untitled 90

Untitled 150

Untitled 126

May 14, 2015

home-thoughts, from abroad

by ada


Toy horse

Tündi 1

Túró Rudi


Tura 2

May 12, 2015

Tura – inside Schossberger castle

by ada

Untitled 31a

Untitled 337

Untitled 355

Untitled 261

Untitled 92

Untitled 206

Untitled 358

Untitled 61

Untitled 124

Untitled 107

Untitled 200

Untitled 143

Untitled 324

Untitled 131

Untitled 10

Untitled 101

Untitled 64

Untitled 245

Untitled 248

Untitled 193

Untitled 35l

Untitled 242

May 1, 2015

and still to my heart, spring comes with a bound

by ada

Tura 13

Tura 25

Tura 30

April 30, 2015

Tura – Schossberger castle

by ada

Tura 113

Tura 54

Tura 61

Untitled 220

Tura 99

Tura 83

Tura 98


February 27, 2015

life has loveliness to sell

by ada

Untitled 26

Untitled 16 (2)

Untitled 28

Untitled 18

Untitled 9

January 5, 2015

Budapest – the plants beneath my feet, a retrospect

by ada

Füvészkert 13

Füvészkert 68


flowers on graves 17

pine cones

leaves 2

Budapest ground 2

December 8, 2014

a cure for the spleen or, amusement for a winter’s evening

by ada

Sziget Eye 8

mulled wine 1

Hungarian sausage 1

pita 2

Hungarian pottery

food 3


mulled wine 4



Sziget Eye 5

December 6, 2014

Budapest – Semmelweis Orvostörténeti Múzeum (Semmelweis Museum of Medical History), part 2

by ada

craniotomy skull

old ampules

Egésséget 2

ammonia pura

Fabini Tofor

old glasses at Semmelweis Museum Budapest 5

old laboratory glass jar at Semmelweis Museum Budapest

house pharmacy

washing bin

ground Semmelweis Museum

old medical instruments at Semmelweis Museum Budapest 10


old med instruments 7

old medical instruments at Semmelweis Museum Budapest 1

old med instruments 9

old injection needle

old watch 3

old reanimation tools

old printing at Semmelweis Museum Budapest 2

contemporary art piece at Semmelweis Museum Budapest

December 6, 2014

Budapest – Semmelweis Orvostörténeti Múzeum (Semmelweis Museum of Medical History), part 1

by ada

Semmelweis' grave 5

Avicenna 8

Hippocrates 1

old coin at Semmelweis Museum Budapest

Semmelweis' room 8

dining room

painting at Semmelweis Múzeum Budapest 1

old pharmacy 3

old pharmacy 1

sculpture at Semmelweis Museum Budapest 2

old map at Semmelweis Múzeum Budapest

anatomy doll 5

acupuncture doll at Semmelweis Museum Budapest

Chinese pill box at Semmelweis Museum Budapest 3

Chinese drawing

small hand

Semmelweis Museum Budapest

Semmelweis Múzeum 8

wax doll at Semmelweis Museum Budapest 4

anatomy wax doll Semmelweis Museum Budapest 11

December 3, 2014

a matter of concentration

by ada

old med instruments

old med instruments 3

Untitled 309

Untitled 307

December 2, 2014

done laid around, done stayed around this old town too long

by ada

Bp 1


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