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May 25, 2015

and April weeps – but, o ye hours!

by ada

I will never ever get back to real-time posting. Better I give it up right now and simply rename this blog Reminiscences. 

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May 1, 2014

you know how it is with an April day

by ada

Well, you sure know. They are short. Especially when they consist of 12 hours of work and 2 hours of public transportation. I do my best to use those commuting hours for literary purposes but I’m just an ordinary human being without any superpowers. My brain does not perform on a very high level at 5.45 am.

Starting the day at 5 am is definitely not the same as starting it at 6 am. This one short hour makes all the difference. I am now miserable 90% of the time and only daydreaming about quitting my job gives me any pleasure.* Sleep withdrawal is a very powerful tool of torture.

* I have this bad habit of quitting jobs very quickly if they make me feel unhappy**

** since I feel unhappy all the time, regardless of what’s going on in my life, it actually does not matter the least bit wether I quit my job or not. I guess the only solution would be to quit life itself. Fortunately (unfortunately?!) I have never been suicidal, not even during my worst times. I’m actually horribly afraid of dying. I guess it’s just a natural side effect of my job; eight years of watching people die, then dumping their bodies in plastic bags*** did not really help to manage my intrinsic depression but it really made me worship life regardless of its quality.

*** the daily chores of a nurse. Just in case you wanted to know what I’m actually doing during those 12 hours. An emotionally rewarding job, isn’t it?****

**** sorry for being sarcastic. I’m just not the crying kind.

Well. At least April was full of contained traces of Paasilinna whom I love deeply so I guess I’d better stop whining.

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April 20, 2014

the tulips should be behind bars like dangerous animals

by ada


tulips 5

tulips 3

tul 3

tulips 13

tulips 9

tulips 22

tulips 15

tulips 16

tul 1


April 15, 2014

a matter of concentration

by ada

Füvészkert 10

Füvészkert 9

Füvészkert 42

Füvészkert 44

Füvészkert 52

Füvészkert 41

April 11, 2014

in time of lilacs

by ada

lilacs 16

lilacs 13

lilacs 2

lilacs 6

lilacs 17

lilacs 9

lilacs 12

lilacs 4


July 11, 2013

of April, May, of June, and July flowers

by ada





April 19, 2013

be Ye in love with April-Tide?

by ada


Untitled 7


Untitled 12

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