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December 31, 2013

the year is going, let him go

by ada

2013 wasn’t exactly a bad year for me but it wasn’t a good one either. It was like just milling around, one step forward two steps back while nothing really makes sense and nothing ever happens. I’m quite relieved that this year is finally over. Yay 2014!

In contrast to last year this time I have numerous New Year’s Resolutions. Most of them are private, that I won’t discuss here. My resolutions regarding this blog are to

  1. be more personal. At some point along my way through 2013 this blog stopped being my personal diary and became a travel blog or rather a backup place where I uploaded some of the halfway acceptable photos I took of buildings. Which is fine too, I guess, but becoming so neutral was never my intention.
  2. post less and select and sort out my photos more strictly. Sometimes I really envy those beautiful, artistic photo blogs with simple designs and meaningful pictures and I have to remind myself that the purpose of my blog is not to cause visual joy to anybody out there but to collect and save my memories. Crappy pictures for crappy memories. Haha.
  3. improve my photography. Because even if this place most likely will never evolve into a beautiful, artistic photo blog, I still want to learn how to make my indoor pictures less blurry.
  4. write more about music. I totally get that nobody likes my music posts but me, haha, but hey, it’s my blog where I do as I please. And I don’t want to completely forget the person I was before the depression. That nice and intelligent person that had opinions and knowledge and was talented and her life wasn’t centered around iv pumps and artificial hearts. Not that there is anything wrong with artificial hearts.

So let’s remember some of the nice and/or important things I did or that happened in 2013:

I started the year with fireworks in Salzburg.


Milo was born shortly after that.

Untitled 12

Spring was beautiful (when it wasn’t raining).

Untitled 28

I visited 30 cities in 6 different countries during the year (I don’t count Salzburg and Budapest where I actually live and not just visit). My favourite places were rainy Venice…

san giorgio 14

…and the beautiful synagogue of Třebíč.

trebic rear synagogue 8

 I also paid a visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp.

kz dachau

I hiked mountains…

Untersberg fog 8

… got wet by waterfalls…

gollinger wasserfall 10

…took boats to reach islands…

Untitled 19

…and cable cars to reach peaks.

Untersberg cable car

After a more than twenty years long hiatus I actually made two zoo visits this year. A trend I definitely want to continue.


I became an expert in mountain cemetery art…

Untitled 30

…and in carillon mechanics.

Untitled 25

I celebrated the opening of the Salzburger Festspiele…

Untitled 25

…documented folk festivals…

Untitled 153

…and politically critical art exhibitions.

ARC 24

I bought my first DSLR. Technically spoken, it’s an SLT, but honestly, for me the definition doesn’t make any difference. I am not entirely happy with it, maybe it’s the kit lens and its huge barrel distortion and poor focusing skills; but it’s nice to have control over my choices. Unfortunately, I don’t really have any control over anything yet, so a lot of blurry, over or underexposed, out of focus photos are to come till I learn how to handle it properly. Don’t be too hard on me if I post the sixty-fourth slightly washed-out picture of the same blurred flower or distorted building. I also try not to over-edit my photos in order to make them less painful but it’s hard, really hard.

I also let my hair cut, after wearing it long for about ten years. This decision didn’t make me more beautiful (I still haven’t found out what makes me more beautiful, haha) but man, does it feel good to have it short! On my Good Hair Days I look like Dora The Explorer. On my Bad Hair Days… Oh well. On my Bad Hair Days I look a lot like Pumuckl. I usually have Bad Hair Days (not that this makes any difference). (Also, you’re welcome for my precious self-portrait, displayed in the true manner of the Mysterious Blogger’s Awkward Bedroom Mirror Selfie. At least it isn’t a Common Restroom Mirror Selfie entitled “what I wore today”. And you really can’t claim that I’d overflow this blog with my own self-portraits).

Untitled 35

In 2013 I also quit my job (twice) and moved (twice). I see a certain pattern here, haha. I guess I’m addicted to this feeling of freedom that comes with quitting jobs.


I left Salzburg…

Untitled 1

…and moved back to Budapest for a while.

Untitled 25

I started a course to specialize in Critical Care Nursing and Anaesthesiology, mostly because I missed using my brain and was so bored with the job they call nursing in Austria. Hungarian Health Care System has its (major? giant? monumental?) flaws but at least it isn’t boring for all that take actively part in it. Stressful? Yes. Boring? No.


I also had some family time with relatives I haven’t seen in two years…

szalonnasütés 7

…and went a bit heavy on Christmas markets to overcompensate last year’s complete lack of festive feelings.

Vörösmarty tér

At the end of the year Móricka turned two. He celebrated with smashing his cake to the floor. Unintentionally, of course.

Untitled 9

So this was (the nicer part of) my 2013. Let’s move on, please?

June 26, 2013

bloglovin code

by ada

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Well, I’m still sort of perplexed now that Google gives up the Reader function which I loved (because I love everything that’s simple and do their job without fussing around). I was postponing the final decision since months; I tried Feedly (works fine but doesn’t really feel like home), The Old Reader (didn’t want to import my feeds properly, why?) and Bloglovin (imports feeds I already unsubscribed of months ago, wtf? Doubles feeds, even that of my own blog, wtf?); and I’m still hesitating. With this post I simply claim my blog for the comfort of my Bloglovin followers (all the three of them, haha).

Update: this post looked so miserable that I decided to decorate it with a totally out of context photo. Sneak peek of Mozartplatz right now (well, 15 minutes ago).

Salzburg Mozartplatz

March 25, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

by ada

I was nominated for some awesome blog awards by some awesome bloggers lately and since I have four free days in a row to spend in pyjamas and writing blog posts (yes, more photos of Venice are to come!) (besides the daily Holy Week Music History Series, of course, which nobody ever reads) (yes, that’s exactly what it sounds, an accusation), I decided to slowly start answering all those complicated questions that seem to come with blog awards.

The Liebster Blog (an award clearly of German descent) comes from lovely Federica, a fellow sufferer from the famous Dutch weather.  She honoured me with it some, well, nine months ago. Ehem. That tells everything that needs to be told about my social abilities.

The rules are:

  • post 11 facts about yourself
  • answer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you has given you
  • nominate 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tell them about it
  • make 11 questions for the people you are nominating

My facts:

1. I kept a strictly vegetarian diet for four years. It wasn’t a decision – I just stopped eating meat after my dog died of spinal cord cancer. During those four years I never missed meat. And then, on a random day I felt like okay, let’s try it, and since then, I’m back on the carnivore trail.

2. I sleep on my stomach. Always. It’s the only position I ever fall asleep.

3. I’m one of those terrible fresh air fanatics that get nervous if they have all windows closed around them. I sleep with open windows through almost the whole year.

4. I sleep in socks. Well, with the windows open it’s usually rather necessary.

5. At the age of three I was bitten by a pine marten at the zoo of Veszprém. It could have been a tiger!

6. I was born to be a natural shaman – I have more bones than the most of you. I’m still figuring out what to make out of it. The possibilities for modern shamans are endless.

7. At the age of 18 I seriously wanted to be a Franciscan nun. Maybe I did become one in a parallel universe.

8. I have butterfly stickers on my walls.

9. I don’t shampoo my hair since two years. What I use are baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Recently I was trying out some Rhassoul powder, and it’s amazing, but, well, baking soda is cheaper. There were also times when I didn’t wash my hair at all (the same times when I visited McDonald’s wearing my pyjamas) (oh, those precious depression months, they made me learn to appreciate small successes. I managed to go out, even if I didn’t manage to get properly dressed).

10. I also don’t use soap (or any artificial cleanser) on my face. I’m doing the oil cleansing method since almost two years. Best decision ever.

11. I’m gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free. Well, on most days. Just don’t take notice of my ice-cream photos.

Now you all have a pretty clear picture about my digestion, sleeping habits and beauty routine. And my depression, of course. Don’t forget my depression.

Federica’s questions were:

1. Do you believe in Destiny? – Actually, no. Some things in life just doesn’t make sense and we should accept that.

2. Would you ever like to get married? – It depends. At this moment, no. But, well, I’m not in love right now.

3. Cats or dogs? – Cats and dogs.

4. If you had to bring back a famous person from the past, who would you choose? – I feel that I should mention Bach or Mozart here but whom I really would like to meet once more is my grandmother who died when I was thirteen.

5. What do you think will happen December 21st, 2012? – Well, what did actually happen on December 21st, 2012? I was shopping for Christmas and wrote blog posts about the shadowy side of being Hungarian.

6. Do you drink coffee? – Yes. I definitely do.

7. What’s your favorite cake? – I have no favorite cake. Unbelievable but true.

8. Why did you start blogging? – I started writing my Hungarian blog in my first year in The Hague because I felt lonely. This blog I started to host my project 365.

9. What was/is your favorite high-school subject? – I was in a class specialised in biology and mathematics and I hated high-school with my very heart. Most of the time I didn’t even visit school, so let us just forget this question very quickly, please.

10. What’s the last country you visited?  – Italy.

11. How often do you check out my blog? – I follow your blog on WordPress so I get every new post per mail.

My 5 nominees: 

For this award I’ve chosen bloggers whose theme is (mostly) Hungary. I don’t bother myself with finding out the amount of followers they have – mostly it’s not public anyway. I nominate bloggers whose work I like for one reason or another. My nomination is not obligatory, so if one of you doesn’t like to participate, answer my questions or share things about himself/herself, please feel free to ignore me. Of course I’m happier if you don’t ignore me, haha.

1. Andrei Stavilă’s photoblog.

2. Linnea from A year in Budapest.

3. Leopold and his friends from hold the camera.

4. István from Konceptofon.

5. William Lower from Three Years on Mars.

My questions: 

1. How (or why) did you end up living in Budapest?

2. Do you have a pet?

3. How often did you move during your life?

4. In how many countries have you lived yet? I mean lived, not travelled.

5. In which ones?

6. What was your first word as a baby?

7. Your favourite Hungarian food?

8. What’s the colour of the socks you’re wearing right now? (Sorry, I’m running out of questions that make sense.)

9. How many siblings do you have?

10. Where do you plan to travel next?

11. Why exactly there?

As we say it here in Salzburg, viel Spaß!

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