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November 11, 2013

it’s never too late to have a happy childhood

by ada

Wien Lipizaner

Wien 2

Wien Douglas

Wien clothes

Wien Bücher

Wien bird

Wien Aida

Wien leaves

Wien teddybears

es ist nie zu spät

November 1, 2013

the October game

by ada

My October readings were:

  • The Handmaid’s Tale, because I have a sure hand if it comes to picking books that make me feel uncomfortable
  • cat comics, because I’m into comics lately. No matter what subject they are about as long as they don’t want to share too much verbal information. It seems that I’ve successfully eliminated my need for words. I’m looking forward to enjoy some zoekboeks in November. They contain no letters at all! (and because I’m sure this book was inspired by The Cat, who, though too old and too comfortable to actually do the killing, thinks about it all the time)
  • four more Nancy Drew stories in e-book format, because I’m starting to get the feeling. I’m not quite sure if I like this feeling, though. I mean, this girl Nancy Drew is about one of the most annoying personalities somebody could ever create; and the Zeitgeist of those terrible 1980’s (I know them. I spent my childhood in the 80’s. Most of my issues have their roots in those awkward years), really, I don’t even want to remember. Even if I’m sure that the 80’s in the socialist Hungary with us marching in uniforms and singing the Soviet national anthem in Russian has not much in common with the 80’s in the USA, the land of freedom and infinite possibilities (and serial killers) (and AIDS); the memory of those years still haunts me and makes me actually like the idea of growing older.

October readings

September 29, 2013

a song for September

by ada

readings September

And these were my books for September. I finally, finally! managed to get Captain Simonini out of my life*, got upset about a certain translator’s shocking lack of ability to use her own native language correctly**, learnt about the life and times of Stephen Hawking****, and met Nancy Drew for the first time*****. Not that bad a month, I dare say.

* I can’t believe it took me 3 months to finish this book. Depression made me an illiterate, I’m afraid. Plus, I hated Simonini in a way I’ve never hated any imaginary person before.  I tend to be pretty forgiving/indifferent towards fictional characters, but he is such. a. rat. I’m so happy to be done with him forever.

** And this woman still gets translating jobs and takes money for doing them shitty. I counted 14 grammar and interpretation mistakes during the first 26 pages. Then I gave up counting. My English is nothing I could be proud of but I speak my native language, which is Hungarian, flawlessly. I thought it was normal amongst native Hungarians (especially amongst ones that seem to make their living by taking advantage of speaking a language that only the wee amount of another 10 million people understand), but apparently it is not. I’m pretty firm on this subject, though. If you are not able to speak even your own native language properly, do NOT take translation jobs/do copywriting. Learn your own mother tongue before you wish to earn your money through/with it. It’s a fair condition, I guess.***

*** I am aware of the fact that I’m blogging in a language I am very, very far from mastering, and I should consider taking my own advice before forcing it on other people. The difference is (and this is a difference that actually counts) that I don’t earn money through blogging in shitty English. And she earns money through using shitty Hungarian. My socialist ethics just can’t bear with the impertinence of this behaviour. I would like to live in a world where everyone makes their living through jobs he/she is really good at. No creative writing majors giving flute lessons. No mathematicians cleaning public toilets. No musicology graduates doing nursing jobs. I’m dreaming of a fair world of unlimited market for those of us with useless university degrees.

**** I owe so much to Stephen Hawking. Everything I know about the universe (which is not that much, I’m afraid) I know it from him. His ideas may go out of fashion one day as scientific theories usually do, but I will never stop believing in event horizons and imaginary time.

***** It’s actually embarrassing that with all my enthusiastic interest in vintage detective stories and mysteries I have never read any Nancy Drew stories before. To be honest, I wasn’t really impressed. I’ve grown out of the target age group pretty long ago, I guess. Unfortunately, during my teens I was too busy with reading All The Important Literature Classics (we talk Dostoyevsky and co. here) and during my twenties I preferred medicine books and Early Baroque music treatises written in Medieval German to witty girl detectives. And for now, I’ve already missed my chance to be impressed by Nancy Drew, I’m afraid.

September 15, 2013


by ada

Simi olvas

Misi meditál

August 30, 2013

August is a wicked month

by ada

Meet Lizzie Borden, the lady who is featuring my one and only literary adventure in August. Even finishing this book was a challenge which I almost failed to complete, so I guess I just go now and find myself a lonely corner to hide in. There I will weep about my rapidly vanishing IQ.

august book

August 29, 2013

all that you can’t leave behind

by ada

Untitled 1

Untitled 3

Untitled 2

Untitled 5

Untitled 4

July 30, 2013

July, she will fly

by ada

Camilleri with Camilleri. My literary taste seems to have become very simple lately.  It also means: two books for July, and another three I didn’t finish reading yet (yes, I’m that confused type of person that reads more books at a time and leads different lives in parallel universes.) I’m still battling the truly abominable Captain Simonini, learning a lot about malfunctioning enterocytes and making Lizzie Borden to my role model. They all will be featured in the August post, given that I manage to finish their stories and don’t get distracted by more Camilleri.


July 28, 2013

as I walk these broad majestic days

by ada

Untitled 7

Untitled 1

Untitled 6

Untitled 3

Untitled 15

Untitled 4

July 1, 2013

things that make me happy

by ada

1. This tote bag I bought at the Mozart museum. While it promotes the idea of the consumer society which I don’t exactly cultivate, it is so like Mozart, with his love of red robes and all, really.

Mozart bag

2. Reading this book. It’s really promising.  I’m on page 21 yet, and the protagonist of the novel has already made his point about his deep hate of 1) Jews 2) German people 3) French people 4) Italian people 5) clergy in general 6) Jesuits in particular 7) women, totally clear. I’m thrilled to find out whom else he plans to hate on the following 489 pages.


3. Living in this house.

my house

4. The absence of fire alarm in my kitchen. Having an extraordinarily sensitive fire alarm in my previous apartment made my life really difficult there. After my epic first meeting with the firemen and the police, who made their visit at my flat while I was peacefully baking some flourless cookies and dancing to Disko Partizani in my pajamas (the perfect example of the half-witted pyromaniac immigrant with a  shitty taste of music, whose existence alone manages to ruin the morals of Holy Motherland of Austria), I ended up eating almost exclusively raw food most of the time.

fire alarm

5. Kitchen windowsill herbs. I’m not a plant person (my mother has somehow forgotten to pass her gardening genes on to me), so I hope they will survive.

windowsill herbs

6. Homemade elderflower cordial with (windowsill) lemongrass, my first experiment with food preserving. It tastes pretty much like plain water. My carreer chances as a celebrity cook aren’t that high, I guess.

elderflower cordial 2

7. More elderflower for a new (hopefully better) try.


June 30, 2013

and the affairs of June

by ada

Another month of six books. I’m sort of proud of myself even if it’s actually pretty ridiculous*.

While observing this photo, you may think that I’m

a) unusually fond of Håkan Nesser, which I’m actually not. I found these books in the cellar of my previous workplace.

b) unusually fond of Andrea Camilleri, which I am, even if I hate his detective, Montalbano’s habit of eating snails and seafood all the time. I’m no seafood person, that’s the truth.

*I really wonder how did I manage over a hundred books yearly during my university times, besides working (a lot), researching my (unfinished) master thesis on a daily basis and practising three instruments (not as much as I should have, ehem, but playing instruments is pretty time-consuming anyway). I once was a clever person with an existing intellectual life. Now, only one and a half year later, the biggest intellectual challenge in my life is to remember the generic substitutes of drugs we don’t have at hand.**

**Oh, sorry. The biggest intellectual challenge in my life is to open the Austria Codex program on the computer and search it for generic substitutes, haha.

June readings

June 1, 2013

that lusty month of May

by ada

May was – in its depressing way – sort of successful: I managed to finish 6 (six!) books. I blame it entirely on the weather. Every time I woke up, bursting with energy (haha) and the will to go outside and do something exciting on my rare free days, all I had to do to completely lose all of my interest and enthusiasm was to take my earplugs out and hear the raindrops pattering against my windows (what raindrops, hail it was, stones of ice as big as diamonds, more than once).

And yes, I’m aware of the fact that I really can’t claim any improvement in the quality of my readings, but I say, baby steps. I still can’t bring up any interest in early Baroque music treatises or meaningful literature, but at least I seem to enjoy reading again and that’s enough for now. I may be myself again one day or I may not – it’s not an actual problem now. Surviving and learning to love life, these are my most important goals lately and I’m doing quite well with them, I dare say.

 May books

April 30, 2013

April is the cruellest month

by ada

Another two-books-month, it seems it’s my new standard; but this time I have some really good excuses:

  1. I watched movies instead: all the ten seasons of Friends (don’t judge me. 7 seasons just happened somehow while I was down with 38°C fever five days long) and the six episodes of Sherlock. Maybe it’s a sign that I finally became “normal”: instead of reading music treatises written in the 16th century and enjoying it as I used to do before the depression*, I’m watching TV series and enjoying it like “normal people” do. (I don’t even miss reading music treatises. I’m losing my brain. I need help. Help!) 
  2. I worked a lot
  3. I visited my family two times (those 6 hours long train rides are made for reading books watching movies)
  4. I became unemployed and homeless (again)**

As you see, I was sort of busy in April, haha.

* my life is now divided into two parts: there were the times Before Depression (let’s call it BD) and now here are the times After Depression (AD). The two parts of my life have nothing to do with each other. They don’t even resemble each other. I will end up with split personality, I’m quite sure.

** actually, I didn’t remained unemployed as long as I hoped for***: I accepted an offer today and will start on a metabolic ward soon

*** my secret dream was spending months doing nothing

April books

March 31, 2013

March is the month of expectations…

by ada

… that never come true, haha. I thought my intellectual life couldn’t go worse, but well, it did. In March, I managed to finish exactly two books or, well, actually only one and a half, because one of them I started reading already in February. And no, I haven’t been watching movies either. Not a single one. What I actually did in my spare time, I don’t even remember. I was sleeping it through, I guess. I wonder if I will ever be “me” again or I’ll remain this strange creature of compromises and indifference who I became through the depression, forever.

Another depression post for the most joyful day of the year, yep.

March readings

March 1, 2013

February. Get ink, shed tears.

by ada

Before the outbreak of my depression I used to be a more-than-hundred-books-a-year kind of girl. In 2010 my reading list contained exactly 118 items. In 2011 they were 155. I used to read in four different languages and about all existing genres, like music treatises written in gothic German from 1553 or the physiology of mood disorders, not to mention Real Literature (whatever it actually is) and countless mystery books. When I got sick I lost track of my readings, so I have no list and don’t know the exact number of books I read in 2012 but, well, I lost so many other things due to my depression (like my real life, just to name one) that such minor inconveniences just doesn’t matter anymore to me. I don’t fuss around about small things. I’m doing it big. If I lose, I lose everything. That’s my motto. Haha.

Since I started working those famous 13-hours shifts of ours in last April, I don’t read anymore. I just have no energy and no interest. All I want to do on my free days is to sleep or (if I can pull myself together to put on clothes instead of hanging out in pyjamas all day) to get out and see the daylight. My reading list of February therefore contains exactly three books: an Agatha Christie, an Andrea Camilleri and a Joseph Roth. I did also watch two whole seasons of old Friends episodes and three and a half of the Miss Marple films. That’s all intellectual effort I am able to take in this recent phase of my life.

(And yes, I’m aware of the fact that something’s gone wrong with my camera. It doesn’t focus anymore. I’m taking it back to the store today).

February readings

January 19, 2013

the reading kind

by ada

At the age of one Móricka has already perfectly acquired our family habit of reading while eating.


November 17, 2012

Prague – day 1

by ada

November 9, 2012


by ada

Hands up if you’ve ever used the expression “I worked only eight hours today”. Gosh, do I love being on drug shift.

And because I WORKED ONLY EIGHT HOURS TODAY, I had some time to live before falling asleep, so I visited a flea market for books and plates and came back with these:

October 12, 2012


by ada

Reading Leonardo.

October 7, 2012

Lange Nacht der Museen

by ada

October 1, 2012


by ada

Back to the life of thirteen-hours shifts, documented with photos of my daily diet/bed linen and actual book/the evening sky.

September 22, 2012


by ada

I spent my lunch break at the flea market of the Franciscan Community (I tend to spend my lunch breaks at flea markets lately). Unfortunately it was held so far away from my workplace that I only had ten minutes to spend there, and soon I had to leave to pick up my shift. Ten minutes were only enough to race through the book section, buy 7 books and feel miserable that I didn’t have the time for examining all the shelves.

September 15, 2012

Linz – part 2

by ada

September 9, 2012


by ada

That’s what I’m waiting for all day long. My bed with a book. And no, I don’t particularly like this one, but since it’s not a blog about literature, I better save myself the trouble writing long posts about it.

August 1, 2012


by ada

I had free today, but it made no real difference in my dealing with addictive habits. I ended up sitting by the Salzach and reading about a mouse who saved the Princess Pea.

July 12, 2012


by ada

Drinking almond milk hot chocolate in pajamas while reading about sheep investigating murder is the best part of my days lately. I guess I’m sort of overtired.

July 5, 2012


by ada

I’m trying really hard not to buy books because I know just too well how complicated moving becomes through having tons of them, and I’m moving quite frequently. I still have things stored in Graz and in Holland. Of course if you do have enough money it’s just fine (everything is fine if you do have enough money, haha) but if you don’t, it ends up being a serious issue. But not buying books is somewhat difficult for me, so I’m really proud of myself, because that’s all my library gained in two months. It could be much worse.

The mirror shows the delicate taste of my landlord. I hate it with my very heart.

June 22, 2012


by ada

I worked only short shift today so in the afternoon I visited the yearly book sale of the city library. That’s what I came home with.

June 15, 2012


by ada

An emotionally loaded team meeting right after a thirteen-hours long shift totally kills my constructivity and imagination, so all I can offer you today is a lunch break photo.

June 11, 2012


by ada

I spent the whole day with shopping and getting myself frustrated. I bought things I really needed (or badly wanted, ahem, hello, 99% Lindt chocolate and flowery clothes with lace) but I always get The Guilts if I happen to buy something. It’s the result of spending my childhood and studying time in most poetical and romantic poverty, I guess.

June 6, 2012


by ada

A page of a book I bought recently. It contains a collection of photos of the Wiener Philharmoniker. I’m not a fan of modern symphonic orchestras; actually, if you want to kill me, just put me in a room where a modern orchestra is playing anything Baroque and don’t let me out when I start screaming; but the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is History Pure, even for me.

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