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April 27, 2012


by ada

Another ministry visit in Wien, this time with success. And they are musicians of the Volksoper Wien, right after they finished playing Carmina Burana at the railway station Westbahnhof.

April 17, 2012


by ada

A one-day trip to Wien to get my diploma nostrificated. I didn’t succeed, needless to say. (Long complaint about translating bureaus don’t keeping deadlines, ministries changing their requirements weekly without updating their homepage, agencies giving false information and bureaucracy generally. Tons of f-words.) If my misfortune plans to continue in the way it did during the last few months, I will end up believing that bad karma actually does exist.

I really tried my best to enjoy the day despite of the ice-cold rain and the fact that, after my visit in the ministry, I was in the mood for blood flowing down the streets; but after a few hours spent with accomplishing obligatory tourist stuff* in wet socks and without an umbrella, the only thing that had the power to cheer me up, was a hot, 1-euro coffee in McDonald’s. Even if I had to share my table with seven twelve-years-old Austrian boys.**

* like photographing horses, staring at Stephansdom and wandering in the rain without any purpose

** my strong opinion is that men win a lot with ageing

April 10, 2012


by ada

I told you, more than one month ago, that I finished all the administration I need for my job? Well, I was speaking too early. I have lived in Western Europe too long to remember how things work here, in this country of ill fate. What actually happened is that I never received the permission I applied for. The Hungarian Post Office, which is the nickname of the Devil, lost. my. registered. letter. I’m still not able to mention it without getting furious, so let’s stop here.

This country is the black hole of Europe. You can never pass the event horizon, no matter, how hard you try.

March 30, 2012


by ada

Today is the 30. day of waiting for the last permission for my job. I already called the ministry on Tuesday, because I planned to get the Austrian part of the bureaucracy done on Monday (they do this kind of administration only on Mondays). On Tuesday they told me, they just sent my letter away with the post right before my call. This kind of answer is always a bit suspicious, but well, let’s believe it. But today is Friday, and I still don’t have it. Four days for an official, registered letter to arrive from Budapest to Budapest is damned too much, even for the notoriously terrible Hungarian post. And, that’s the worst part of the story, this means another two weeks of waiting. Because of Easter Monday the first possibility to make the next step is on the 16. April. Two and a half months after I started the whole process. I go crazy, really. This  country is simply not livable.

The story behind the first photo is buying airplane tickets, and the bonus is here just because I’ve never noticed before that the buses of the Hungarian public transport are named after my sister :o)

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