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April 6, 2014


by ada

torta 2


December 23, 2013

may you grow up to be righteous

by ada

Móricka turned two today.

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August 2, 2012


by ada

What I’m doing since a week is sending patients of mine to the ER because of acute life threatening conditions, and then receiving  them back after a few hours, because the ER have no free beds anymore. Already this game alone is exhausting enough, but the real problem is its main consequence, that I have a station full of emergency cases without having the necessary conditions to deal with the situation. Are really no fun, these days. No wonder that if the kitchen team sends cakes, I eat them. They immediately relieve stress (just to cause a feeling of guilt even so immediately and stomach ache a few hours later, haha).

May 10, 2012


by ada

Surprise cakes from the kitchen team.

March 10, 2012


by ada

Today we celebrated the name day of my mother and my birthday. The big white cake is for her, and the small, flat, brown but delicious one beside it is my glutenfree antidepressant version, made by my sister. Life can be pretty funny if you have an understanding of morbid humour.

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