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June 12, 2015

lens test (Sony Alpha DT 50mm F1.8 SAM)

by ada

Somewhere around the middle of April my kit lens gave up on its focusing skills. I was already contemplating buying a new one for a long time, I just couldn’t justify giving out money. Since making decisions isn’t my prime skill, it took me weeks to pick the new lens (out of the two that were available for Sony cameras in my price range, haha). I got the 50 mm f 1.8 lens because it was cheap I want to learn from scratch. Here are the first photos I took with it, along with some thoughts on my experiences (I’m now using it since one month).


  • it takes very nice photos under less than ideal light conditions (dusk, night, inside)
  • really good for portraits
  • it was really cheap – like 88 GBP on Amazon


  • the large aperture, that allows the low-light photos to be so nice makes the lens literally unsuitable for bright daylight use. I need some ND filters, asap
  • it is very tight – I should have known that, because it is a portrait lens. Unfortunately, for me a portrait lens is A Lens That Makes Nice Portraits – while, in reality, a portrait lens is A Lens That Is Unable To Cover Any Other Subject Than Portraits. I crept on dirty grounds like those cool wildlife photographers do while shadowing lions, and still could not get the tiny castle of Liechtenstein on the picture in whole. I don’t miss the zoom of the kit lens, but I do miss its width
  • it is not suitable for macro photos
  • I expected it to be sharper than it is
  • unrelated, but I really hate the way my Sony camera autocorrects color saturation. My fault – I should finally start to use modes other than intelligent automode

Anyway. I am slowly, very slowly, but actually learning some things about photography. All we need is just a little patience, haha.

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October 13, 2012


by ada

Shopping with a coworker of mine. I’m planning to buy a new camera, because my old (and only) one is falling apart, literally. It has also some lens problems which manifest in the form of dark, ufo-like shadows on the pictures. So, taking photos lately was mainly about finding some dunkle background to hide the ufos in it or cropping the images to cut the ufos out. While both of these processes are quite challenging (you can never know what exactly remains of the picture), they don’t really make photographing more enjoyable.

After reading through hundreds of photography tests and product reviews I became totally unable to take any decisions (taking decisions is no skill of mine, anyway). I don’t want a DSLR, because it’s too big and too expensive for me. Later, maybe, but not now. What I really need at this moment is a compact camera, that has a big zoom, makes good macros, has a normal SD card slot (no micro SD, please), and maybe a good enough battery? I also want to carry it around in my pocket and it shouldn’t cost more than 300 euros (that is the security prize limit, which I actually can’t really afford to reach). Any ideas or suggestions? I know, it’s the low end of photography, but that’s all I have place in my life for right now.

May 26, 2012


by ada

My camera was unwilling to coöperate today, she wanted to make only blurry pictures. Let’s hope it’s not the sign of her giving up the fight, just a temporary bad mood. This picture has its charms, though.

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