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July 25, 2014

things that make me happy

by ada

I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I last posted in this series. That tells tales about my circumstances lately. I’ve failed miserably with my New Year’s resolution of sharing more of my life here anyway – not that I don’t have a life because I rather do, but it seems I’m not good at getting personal. What I’m good at is taking photos of buildings and flowers, so this place has inevitably became kind of a travel blog, but without the joys and excitement of actual travelling. You know, something like an unofficial Budapest Guide for Weirdos (and for all who enjoy looking at dead butterflies and old medical instruments). This is a lose-lose situation, I’m afraid.

But there are still the small things, like…

…this super cheap waffle place and their raspberry mousse that tastes just like I remember it from my childhood.

Untitled 2

…pretty bees on pretty flowers.

Untitled 1

…visiting museums.

Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum 35

…doing small trips.

Hungarian train

…summer food.

Vácrátót arboretum wild strawberry

…thrifted summer clothes. Too bad I’m seven kilos overweight (oh well, waffle place, hello).


…the first outdoor swim of the year at Vadaš Thermal Bath in Štúrovo, Slovakia. (Okay, it happened more than a month ago. I’m actually  writing this post since years weeks. I hope one day – if life allows me – I can get back to real-time blogging.)

Sturovo strand 3

…going on a holiday! I haven’t been on a summer holiday since 2009 (ten days at the Bulgarian coast. I’m still dreaming about it). (I usually do budget travelling, that means Venice in February, Prague in October and that epic Moravian road tour in December. I haven’t felt a cold that freezing in my entire life than I did at a bus stop in Moravske Budejovice at 22.30 pm last winter.)


June 17, 2012


by ada

I visited the flea market today and bought some nice clothes. I’m definitely not the average woman that gets this glossy shine in her eyes from the mention of bags and shoes and nail polish, but as I’ve mentioned already, I’m severely lacking clothes since I left Holland, and looking weird gets somewhat boring after almost nine months, even for me. And I do love flea markets, anyway.

June 11, 2012


by ada

I spent the whole day with shopping and getting myself frustrated. I bought things I really needed (or badly wanted, ahem, hello, 99% Lindt chocolate and flowery clothes with lace) but I always get The Guilts if I happen to buy something. It’s the result of spending my childhood and studying time in most poetical and romantic poverty, I guess.

March 28, 2012


by ada

Today I wore skirt with bare legs for the first time this year. Not a day too early. I spent three years in Holland where people start wearing flip-flops and spaghetti tops from 2. January on, so I’m sort of used to the idea of going outside in clothes that don’t fit the weather. Luckily we have really nice warm days lately.

Vanity is definitely not on the (otherwise frighteningly long) list of my faults and personality imperfections, but I can’t help noticing that I have never looked so weird as I did during these past six months of depression. It’s not only that I’m visiting public places in pajamas, which is bad enough; but, because I left all my belongings in Holland, in the lack of my own clothes I’m forced to wear things from my sister and my mother, neither of them are my size; or strange old robes I left at home before moving abroad almost a decade ago. Unfortunately, I’m also not my own nine-year-younger-self size anymore, and this makes these clothes just more awful to wear.

Sometimes I’m really thankful for my Catholic past. It taught me not to care too much about my looks, which is a practical attitude for the recovery phase of depression.

March 20, 2012


by ada

Spring Washing Day.

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February 17, 2012


by ada

My wet shoe insoles, drying on the radiator. I came home in early October when the weather was still nice, wearing a cord jacket, a jeans skirt, some short-sleeved t-shirt and ballerinas. I was sure two weeks will be time enough for getting better, and I planned to go back to Holland on the 14th of October. Obviously I didn’t managed it. I spent almost five months at home, most of it with being sick with depression, and without having any warm clothes to wear. Every time I need or want to go out I still have to borrow the boots, coat and gloves of my sister. This is not exactly the way I planned to spend this winter.

February 9, 2012


by ada

Today I wore my Ridiculously Disgusting Yellow Tights. I’m not passionate about clothes, I’m not even interested in them, which is rather an unfortunate attitude for a girl, even if smart, like me. In our society, being simply smart or simply pretty is not enough for survival anymore. You have to be smart and pretty and up to date, you have to cook marvellous while being enviromentally conscious, having strong opinions on everything, being familiar with every new movie, reading all the books that count, having carreer, earning money but living frugal, wearing cute outfits and dating hilarious men, having six homeschooled kids and making your own soap. I guess I already lost the game.

But even if I normally am a jeans with sweater girl, sometimes, quite unreasonably, I get a crush on something extraordinary (ugly). And since the long years of depression have already thaught me to appreciate every small thing that makes me feel happy if only for a moment, I do not resist this desire for wearing crazy clothes anymore. I welcome everything that has the potential to make me feel better.

(And yes, I know that our floor desperately needs some cleaning and my shoes will lose their soles pretty soon.)

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